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A museum for our city: Stadtpalais Stuttgart

Stuttgart has it's own museum now: Stadtpalais Stuttgart

Finally, Stuttgart has its own museum! The new Stadtpalais Stuttgart has opened on April 14 and will from now on not only present the history of our city but also animate to look forward and anticipate what the future might hold in stock for us.

The new museum Stadtpalais Stuttgart is located close to the U-Bahn Station Charlottenplatz (for more information about the public transport in Stuttgart click here), in the building that is also known under the name “Wilhelmspalais” because King Wilhelm II used to live here. Therefore, even the outer shell of the new museum is an important part of Stuttgart’s history.

The Stadtpalais Stuttgart used to be the home of King Wilhelm II in 1887.

For the opening, the museum has been decorated with paper puppets that are illuminated during the night. The puppets symbolise the people of Stuttgart who climb the building in order to finally get into their new museum. A very cute idea and quite a nice sight 🙂

Puppets at Stadtpalais Stuttgart

The Stadtpalais Stuttgart offers free admission to the permanent as well as to the special exhibition until April 22. The permanent exhibition “Stuttgarter Stadtgeschichte(n)” (Stories from Stuttgart’s history) is located on the first floor. Here you find information and selected exhibits that explain Stuttgart’s history from mid-1800 up to now. The heart of the permanent exhibition of Stadtpalais Stuttgart and the starting point of your journey into the past is a media-projected model of Stuttgart that shows the topography of the city.

From here you have access to the two “Jahrhundert-Räume” (century spaces) that’ll give you a chronological narrative of the city’s history . The presentation is rounded off with a chronicle of the city’s history from the earliest times. And don’t worry if you don’t understand German. Every exhibit is explained in English, too.

City Lab for kids at Stadtpalais StuttgartThe special exhibition “Sound of Stuttgart” is located on the top floor of Stadtpalais Stuttgart. Here you can experiment with the different sound that can be found in a city like Stuttgart. It’s quite fun actually!

Kids are invited to build their own city in the exhibition “Stadtlabor” (City Lab) on the garden floor, the lowest floor of Stadtpalais Stuttgart. I saw children with helmets building huge towers and having much fun knocking them down with wrecking balls afterwards 🙂

Next to the exhibitions there’s also a coffee shop, located on the ground floor, that is open to the public Thursday to Sunday between 10 am and 10 pm.

The Cafe at Stadtpalais Stuttgart

The permanent exhibition will remain free of charge, even after April 22. The special exhibitions will cost 5 Euro. Kids and teens under the age of 18 have free admission to the exhibitions.

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