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Staatsgalerie Stuttgart – The main art galery in Stuttgart

Hi guys! If you live in Stuttgart or visit this city for some days, you shouldn’t miss Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. It’s holding a great variety of paintings and sculptures from many famous artists.

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart consists of two main buildings: The Old Staatsgalerie


…with a statue of King Wilhelm I of Württemberg in front of it…


…and the New Staatsgalerie. And this building is a piece of art itself:


Designed by James Stirling, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart opened its doors in 1984. And since then, the rolling green glass front and the pink tubes made it to one of the top  landmarks of Stuttgart.





Now that we have appreciated Staatsgalerie Stuttgart from the outside, let’s step in.

What every guest notices straight away is the green floor…





… and the colour green being repeated in other architectonical elements.


But the Staatsgalerie has more to offer than its architecture. You find about 800 works in the permanent exhibition. Event though the focus lies on art of the 20th century, those of you who like the old masters won’t be disappointed, neither.

Let me introduce you some of my most favorite pieces of art:


Gerhard Richter, Abstract Painting, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


Frank Stella, The Forge, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


Pietro Belletti, The Fate Lachesis, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

For me, this painting is really special. Look at her face, the wrinkles, the look in her eyes… amazing.


Pietro Belletti, The Fate Lachesis, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


Theodor Christoph Schüz, Noontime Prayer at Harvest Time, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


Theodor Christoph Schüz, Noontime Prayer at Harvest Time, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


Claude Monet, Fields in Spring, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


Pablo Picasso, Bathers, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


Roy Lichtenstein, Spray, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

When talking about Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, you have to talk about Joseph Beuys, as they do have an interesting selection of this work on display. Well, I think his installations are quite interesting, but you have to invest some time and thoughts to get his ideas. Moreover, an audio guide or a tour do help a lot Zwinkerndes Smiley


Joseph Beuys, Crucifixion, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Last but not least, my favourite piece of art:


Duane Hanson, Cleaning Lady, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Nope, she’s not real, she’s an installation! I love her. Years ago, the saying goes, she was sitting next to a window and after the gallery had closed, some walkers saw her from the outside, sitting in the dark all by herself. They called the police to rescue the poor lady… Smiley

Ok, enough art! Smiley After you’ve spent some hours at the great exhibition, you have deserved a refreshment! Make sure to visit café “Gast”. It’s on the ground floor, behind the wardrobe.


My recommendation: Sparkling wine with cassis sorbet! Hmmmmmm… best way to finish a great day at the museum.


Fun fact: If you want to learn German, you can do so while enjoying art! Staatsgalerie Stuttgart offers special tours for study groups.

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Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Language studies (only in German)


Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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