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Enjoying traditional Afternoon-Tea at The English Tearoom in Stuttgart

Hi guys! I’ve had the most wonderful Saturday afternoon last weekend. Have you ever enjoyed traditional Afternoon-Tea? If not, you should! 🙂 If yes, you will be delighted to hear that The English Tearoom offers this special treat in their new showroom at Heusteigviertel!

picture afternoon tea at the english tearoom

Years ago, when I visited my friend Nina in the UK, we had Afternoon-Tea at the legendary Fortnum & Mason. It was such a treat and I always wanted to go back and do it again. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that The English Tearoom offers traditional Afternoon-Tea in Stuttgart! It was the perfect birthday present for my friend and we booked a table for last weekend.

The Afternoon-Tea takes place in a very cozy, little room at Weißenburgstraße 29 that belongs to The English Tearoom. I fell in love with the setting right away. Look at the cute wallpaper!

Afternoon-Tea at Heusteugviertel

The history of Afternoon-Tea

When we had all set down, Lynn from The English Tearoom explained how Afternoon-Tea became a big thing in the UK.

Afternoon-Tea at Heusteugviertel

Apparently, we have to thank the Duchess of Bedford. In the 1840s this wise lady decided that the time between lunch and dinner is too long. In order to fight her “hunger spells” she started to have sandwiches and cake with tea. Soon, she began to have friends over for the occasion. The word spread and Afternoon-Tea became an approved habit to the English aristocracy. 

Afternoon-Tea in Stuttgart at The English Tearoom

The tiered cake stand is the center of every Afternoon-Tea. Ours held three plates: The lower plate was filled with cut sandwiches. On the second sat small bowls filled with jam and clotted cream. Macarons and tartlets waited on the top plate to make the sweet grand finale.
Afternoon-Tea at Heusteugviertel

As this Afternoon-Tea is held by The English Tearoom, the selection of tea was amazing. Lynn suggested to start with white tea and work our way up to stronger tea during the afternoon. We chose Jasmine Silver Needle to start with – one of my favorites anyway. I’ve tried it during a Tea-Tasting at The English Tearoom a few years ago. A very elegant tea with a light and floral taste.

Afternoon-Tea at Heusteugviertel

Look at this beautiful china! Sooooo pretty!! 🙂

Now it was time to fight the hunger spells. As I am a vegetarian, Lynn had prepared a selection of vegetarian sandwiches for me: egg and cress, vintage cheddar with fig chutney, oven baked vegetables (my favorite!) and the very traditional cucumber and white pepper. I loved all of them!


When Lynn asked if we want a second round we didn’t have to think twice. We mixed it up with a new cup of tea: Hojicha, a green tea with a nutty and sweet aroma.

While we finished our sandwiches Lynn prepared fresh scones. Oh this beautiful smell! 🙂

Afternoon-Tea at Heusteugviertel

Fun fact: If you want to do it right, you put jam on the scone first and the clotted cream on top. Otherwise the cream would melt right away.

Afternoon-Tea at Heusteugviertel

There’s nothing like a warm, homemade scone with jam and clotted cream! Soooo yummy!

OK, time for more tea. We tried an Oolong from Taiwan: Formosa Pinglin Qingxin Pouchong. Definitely one the most exceptional teas I’ve had so far. It tasted fresh, like flowers and melon.


I have to admit, after two hours, many sandwiches and two scones, I was stuffed. And even though I had been looking forward to the macarons and tartlets during the whole afternoon, I just couldn’t fit them in anymore.

Afternoon-Tea at Heusteugviertel

But thoughtful Lynn was prepared. We all got little bags to take the goodies home with us.

Afternoon-Tea at Heusteugviertel

It was such an amazing afternoon. My friends and I felt like we’ve spent the day at the spa: Very happy and very relaxed.

If you want to treat yourself or are looking for a special present for a loved one, a traditional Afternoon-Tea at The English Tearoom is the right choice. Lynn and her team are wonderful hosts, the food is delicious and the selection of tea will blow your mind. Lynn, we will definitely be back! 🙂


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