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Selling all kind of stuff on a flea market in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Hi guys! Do you guys know this feeling? When it’s spring, you want to clean the house and get rid of all the old stuff you have collected during the last months (or years…). That’s exactly how I felt the last few weeks. But what can you do with all the things you find in your basement/under your bed/in the dark corner of your closet? Right: sell it at a flea market in Stuttgart-Vaihingen! And that’s what I did last weekend.

The flea market in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

There are a lot of flea markets in and around Stuttgart in spring and summer. I went to the “Giant Flee Market in Stuttgart-Vaihingen”(Riesengroßer Flohmarkt) at University Vaihingen. And even though it really is huge you should book a place in advance if you want to sell your things there. If you book more than four meter you can park your car behind your stand. And as this is very convenient, I asked three friends if we should book a place together. And they joined in! YAY!

Anhang 1(1)

We had booked 6 meters altogether at the flea market in Stuttgart-Vaihingen and needed every inch of it. In the end, it’s the more stuff you bring the more you sell. And as you can see, we had every kind of rummage you can imagine, from old toys via books to jewelry and cloths  – and even more Smiley. And what can I say, we sold a lot! My car was packed when we arrived in the morning and I think I sold three quarters of the stuff I brought. By the way, let’s talk about the morning for a second. If you want to visit a flea market as a seller, make sure you are there early. Like, super early. Like, 5 am early… I couldn’t believe it when I read it on the booking confirmation for our stand. So we arrived at 7 am. Huuuuuge mistake! All the good spots were taken and most of the other stands where set up already, making big business . Well, I know now for the next time… Zwinkerndes Smiley

As I mentioned before, the Giant Flee Market has it’s name for a reason. I didn’t walk around a lot (mainly because I was afraid I would come home with more rummage than I left the house with in the first place… ;-P). But you could really find everything there…

Anhang 7

…old paintings for example…

Anhang 8

… or records (mind the singer on the front cover: Peter Alexander! An Austrian singer, actor and entertainer who was big in the 50s and 60s. My grandma loved him, my mom loved him and yes, that’s the moment of truth, I think he was a cool dude in his days, too Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund.

And sometimes, you meet really special guys, like this little cowboy:

Anhang 9(1)

Awesome little feller, right?! ;-D

There a some flea markets coming up in the next weeks. One takes place every Saturday at Karlsplatz, in the middle of Stuttgart. As a special, an International Flee Market will take place there on the 13th of June with food from all around the world and several shows. And the next Giant Flee Market at Stuttgart-Vaihingen will be held on 4th of July. As I still have some stuff left, I am very sure I will go to one of them as well.  I have caught the flea market fever I guess… Smiley

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