Fun things to do this May

Hi guys!

It’s May! Hurray! Let’s see what fun events this month holds in stock for us:

  • The 78th Frühlingsfest is still going on. So in case you haven’t had the chance to dance on beer tables or take a look down on Stuttgart from the big wheel, you can still do so until May 8th!


  • If you like short movies, you should participate in the Open Screening at Merlin on May 4th. International short movies will be shown and the audience decides which movies make it to the alternative Film Sharing Festival. No entrance fee is required. The event starts at 8 pm.
  • You loved Huckleberry Finn’s adventures when you were a kid? Then take a BBQ-cruise on the Neckar and feel a bit like your childhood hero. On May 5th the Neckar Käpt’n organizes “Huckleberrys Floßfahrt”, starting at 11:30 am. It promises fun for the whole family with sausages, beer and soft drinks. There is also an after-work version this day, starting at 6:30 pm. Both tours take about 2 hours and cost 32,90 Euro for adults and 19,00 for kids – all in.
  • May 6th is the official Europe Day. You can celebrate at Schlossplatz with several representatives from the European Parliament, including Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society and Rainer Wieland, Vice President of the European Parliament.  There will be a Europe Ralley and other attractions for kids, too. Let’s go celebrate good old Europe! Smiley
  • On May 7th, American author Daniel Regelbrugge will present his latest work “The Telling of Three” , assisted by Irish actor John Doyle and with atmospheric musical accompaniment provided by Pascal on bass. The reading takes place at Dreigroschentheater, Kolbstrasse 4c, 70178 Stuttgart and starts at 8 pm. The entrance fee is 12 Euro.
  • If you like good Jazz music, Soul Diamonds “LADIES NIGHT” feat. Fola Dada, Eva Leticia & Lilly Thornton at BIX Jazzclub is for you. It takes place on May 12th and starts at 8:30 pm. Make sure you get ticket as soon as possible as they sell out quickly. If you want to know more about the jazz club, check out my blog post from 2014!


  • On May 14th four successful instragrammers from Stuttgart open the exhibition #igersoffline at Gerber UPSTAIRS. The vernissage starts at 7pm on the top floor.
  • I am a vegetarian not a vegan but I am still looking forward to the Vegan Street Day on May 15th! It’s the biggest vegan street festival in Germany. There will be live music, readings and discussions, a program for kids and loooots of yummy things to eat!


Photo credit: Animal Rights Watch e.V. .

  • If you like street food events in general, you might be delighted to hear that the Street Food Market “Gaumenfreuden” will be back in Stuttgart from May 26th onward. Until September 29th you will find the food trucks every Thursday at Karlsplatz, close to U-Bahn station Charlottenplatz. The mobile kitchens change regularly so you will find something new to try every week.
  • The choir festival “Stuttgart ist ganz Chor” starts on May 26th as well. For four days you will hear choirs chanting songs all over the city – including places like Hauptbahnhof and Schlossplatz. Some of my favorite choirs are Füenf: A Cappella Pop Comedy, performing on the 28th at the open air stage at Schlossplatz from 7 to 7:45 pm,   Gospel im Osten, performing on the 29th at Liederhalle from 5 to 6 pm, Internationaler Gemischter Chor Stuttgart-Vaihingen, performing on the 29th at Hospitalhof from 12:30 to 12:50, Staatsopernchor Stuttgart with a singalong concert of opera highlights, performing on the 29th from 11 to 12 am at Liederhalle.


Photo credit: (c) Alexander Zuckrow

  • Also starting on May 26th (why is this day so popular with festivals?? Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund): the dance festival Forró de Domingo. Forró is a music and dance style that stems from Brazil and becomes more and more popular in Europe. For four days, you can dance the day and night away and learn how to dance Forró from 30 (!!) professional teachers. Prices vary depending on how many days you want to participate.

May seems to be a fun packed month this year! Enjoy! Smiley


L.A. Signorina – extraordinary pizza at Marienplatz

Hi guys!

If you are a pizza-enthusiast who is always looking for something new and special, you should check out L.A. Signorina at Marienplatz!

L.A. Signorina

Don’t be fooled by the short menu. At L.A. Signorina it’s quality and not quantity that matters. They might only offer a small selection of pizzas (and no pasta, by the way!) but the ones they offer are truly extraordinary. Ever tried avocado on a pizza? Or a white topping? Well, I didn’t until I visited L.A. Signorina this week!

L.A. Signorina
So here is what my friends Rachel (from, Meredith (from and I indulged in:

The FOUNTAIN: crème fraîche, chicory, roquefort cheese, walnuts and peppercress:

L.A. Signorina

The TRAVI: tomato sauce, fior di latte, bresaola, colorful carrots and parsley:

L.A. Signorina

And the PRIVATO D ́AMORE L.: tomato sauce, crawfish, avocado and grapefruit oil:

L.A. Signorina

The menu changes four times a year so you will always find new seasonal toppings. But I’m not sure if I can wait until summer before I come back for more…!

More information about:

L.A. Signorina on facebook

Dinner at Floating Market

Hi guys!

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite Asian restaurants here in Stuttgart: Floating Market!

Floating Market Stuttgart

You’ll find it on Theodor-Heuss-Straße. It spans over several floors which gives it quite a unique atmosphere.

Floating Market Stuttgart
The light is not very bright (so please excuse the bad photo quality, I should have brought another camera… ) so Floating Market is a very cozy place and also a good location for a date Smiley

Floating Market Stuttgart

Floating Market Stuttgart

When it comes to food, my personal favorite is Pad Thai! Sooo good, the blurry picture doesn’t do it justice:

Floating Market Stuttgart

But all their food is of very good quality. My friend Gaelle, who joined me on that night, had rice and vegetables and liked it a lot, too.

Floating Market Stuttgart
(Did you notice the orchid flowers on the plates? I love it! Smiley)

In summer, you can sit outside, too.

Floating Market Stuttgart

However, as I mentioned before, Floating Market is located on Theodor-Heuss-Straße and if you know Stuttgart, you know what that means… I prefer sitting inside Zwinkerndes Smiley

More information about:

Floating Market (only in German)

Fun things to do this April

Hi guys!

I don’t know how you feel but for me, April always marks the beginning of spring. I bring the sun chairs from the basement back into the garden where they belong and have my first BBQ of the year! If you intend to do the same but still have some free spots in your calendar, check out these fun upcoming events:

  • Right on April 1st you can shop the night away at Nachtflomarkt (night flea market) at the Wagenhallen. From 6 pm till late at night, you can shop for knick knacks, rummage through things and listen to music.
  • On April 2nd, Lange Nacht der Museen (long night of the museums) is on again! I love this event. With one ticket (18 Euro)  you’ll get entrance to more than 90 participating museums, galleries and art institutions. And even if you think you’ve seen all the cultural hot spots in Stuttgart, believe me, there’s always something new to discover.


Picture credit: Lange Nacht der Museen

  • If you like French movies, don’t miss the Cinéma Francais on April 6th. This month you can watch the original version of “La Belle Saison” with German subtitles at the cinema “Delphi”. The entrance fee is 8 Euro. The movie starts at 7:30 pm.
  • Attention wine lovers: The first Lange Nacht der Weine (long night of wine) is held at Wagenhallen on April 9th. You can taste more than 80 (!) different wines. And there will be live music and a DJ, too. Make sure you leave your car in the garage that night! Zwinkerndes Smiley Start time: 5 pm – Entrance fee: 15 Euro (wine tasting included).
  • One event that I am interested in a lot is the presentation “How to travel the world with almost no money” by travel writer Tomislav Perko. It is held in Stuttgart on April 9th and starts at 8 pm at Naturkundemuseum am Löwentor. Be quick if you want to see him, too – the tickets (8 Euro) sell out very fast…
  • As Moritz and I will travel to Canada this year again (spoiler alert! Smiley) we are very interested in the Banff Mountain Film Festival. It is on tour in Europe and will be at Liederhalle Stuttgart from April 15th to 16th. You can watch outdoor-related short films about the Rockies and Denali, but also the climbing event Horseshoe Hell, the Ultra Tail du Mont Blanc and more

Denali NP 12 McKinley

  • April 16th is also the first day of Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest, the spring version of Oktoberfest. So if you’re not the outdoorsy type, you might be interested in “in tent” drinking activities Zwinkerndes Smiley. But the Frühlingsfest is not only good for dinking lots of beer. You can also find  a lot of fun rides which makes it also a great destination for a fantastic day with the family.


  • Speaking of beer: April 23rd is the Day of the German Beer. You can celebrate at Schlesinger or at Im Wizemann where they organize a whole Craft Beer Festival!
  • If beer is not your thing and you would like to spend your time on more sophisticated events, how about participating in the Tweed Run on April 24th? Put on a classic style outfit, bring your old-fashioned bike and come at 8:30 am to the Alte Schloss (Old Castle). You and your new tweed mates will cruise the city, British style Smiley  Prices vary  depending on whether or not you’re interested only in the ride or in food and drinks as well.
  • From April 26th to Mai 1st the Festival of Animated Film will take place in Stuttgart. It is one of the most outstanding events for animated film worldwide. Awesome, right?! It offers open air events, a game zone, as well as screenings and workshops for kids.


Picture credit/Foto: Internationales Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart

As you can see, April is packed with fun stuff to do. I hope the weather will be good enough to indulge in my most favorite spring activity: Sitting outside and enjoying the sun! Smiley

Have an amazing April, guys!

Lunch at “Academie der schönsten Künste”

Hi guys!

I hope you’re enjoying this long Easter weekend. I can’t believe how lovely the weather was today. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that… Well, if you’re in need of a place for a nice breakfast or lunch in order to hide while it’s raining cats and dogs, you should try “Academie der schönsten Künste” at Charlottenplatz!

Akademie der schönsten Künste

This place has been around since the 70s – in those days it was known as “Bernd’s Lädle”. Ever since it has been an institution when it comes to French style breakfast and a cozy atmosphere. Even today, artists, students, business people, and freelancers meet at “Academie der schönsten Künste”.

Recently, I met my friend Julia there for lunch and I wanted to share my fond feelings for this place with you guys. Let’s have a look inside:

Akademie der schönsten Künste
You fall in love with “Academie der schönsten Künste” right when you enter. Look at all the artwork on the walls and the ceiling! My favorite is the mermaid/fishbone that is hanging from the wall in the center! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund

Akademie der schönsten Künste

In addition to all the art, they also offer a nice lunch menu. It comes with a side salad…

Akademie der schönsten Künste
… a main course (of course Smiley) – in my case pancakes stuffed with mushrooms:

Akademie der schönsten Künste

… and a dessert! Hmmmmmm, yummy.

Akademie der schönsten Künste
In summer you can also sit outside, at the back of the building. But I have to admit, I prefer sitting inside, in between all the paintings. Makes me feel like a little bit of an artist myself Zwinkerndes Smiley

More information about:

Academie der schönsten Künste (only in German)


A sunny day at the top of the Fernsehturm (TV-Tower)

Hi guys! Spring has arrived! And today, I could totally feel and see it. Sunshine and blue sky – what else can a girl ask for?

This weekend, my sister-in-law came to see us with her family. After visiting the Märchengarten in Ludwigsburg (for more information about this place, check out my post from 2013) and the Eselsmühle (to learn more, check out my post from 2015) they had one more “must do” on their list: the famous Fernsehturm (TV-Tower) of Stuttgart. As some of you guys know, the tower was closed for a while due to fire safety improvements but it opened its gates again just a few weeks ago. I was very excited to be able to go to the top of the tower again!

Today, we took the U-Bahn to Ruhbank and walked the few meters to the entrance.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 1

 Fernsehturm Stuttgart 2

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 3

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 4

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 5

Let me share some fun facts with you before we enter the tower:

  • it is 217 meters/710 feet high
  • it was the very first TV-Tower constructed in reinforced concrete
  • it was built within 20 months
  • the engineer that constructed the tower was Fritz Leonhardt
  • the tower was opened on February 5th, 1956
  • the construction cost 4.2 million Deutsche Mark

Not too bad, right? OK, let’s move on.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 6

As it was early in the day, we didn’t have to line up and could walk in nearly right away. The cash point is located in a little gift shop where you find lot’s of cute little things, all related to the tower of course Smiley

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 7

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 8

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 9

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 10

After we had a look around, it was time to hop into the elevator and fly up the 217 meters to the top.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 11

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 12

Even though it was not the clearest day, the sight was good from the top of the tower.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 13

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 17

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 18

Check out Schlossplatz with the Königsbau on the left and the Neue Schloss on the right:

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 14
And here is the stadium of Stuttgart, the Mercedes-Benz Arena:

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 15

And do you know where that is?

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 16

I am sure you recognize the colorful buildings of the Marktplatz in the center of the picture, the white  tower of the city hall on the left, and the Stiftskriche in the back. Zwinkerndes Smiley

And here comes one more beautiful spot: the Karlshöhe:

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 20

Yep, I liked it a lot up there!


(Before you ask – we got balloons at the entrance because the Fernsehturm is celebrating its 60th anniversary! Happy birthday Fernsehturm!! Smiley)

As it got a bit cold after a while, we decided to visit the Panorama Café.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 22

We were lucky to get a table. It was crowded up there. I saw that the group next to us had made reservations for a table in advance. That’s definitely a good idea if you guys want to visit the tower and intend on having a break in the café.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 23

The Panorama Café is open until 11 pm everyday and they even serve cocktails up there! A great location for an after-work drink, don’t you think?! Smiley

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 24

But it was only around noon, so only coffee and hot elderflower tea with a view for us Smiley

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 25 Fernsehturm Stuttgart 26

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 27

We had a great time at the top of the tower. Bye bye, Fernsehturm – see you again soon!

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 29

The Fernsehturm is open from 10 am to 11 pm during the week and from 9 am to 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The entrance fee is 7 Euro for adults and 4 Euro for students and kids between 6 and 15. They also offer special prices for groups, early birds or night owls. Check out their website for more details.

More information about:

Fernsehturm Stuttgart (only in German)


Vietnamese cuisine at Takeshii’s

Last week, I was introduced to a great Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Stuttgart: Takeshii’s. It has been there for a while but I never went there before – what a shame, actually! I have missed many good dinners!


The interior is cozy and relaxed – a bit dark maybe but also very stylish.


I checked their menu for vegetarian options and chose the summer roll with fresh vegetables and noodles.

The waiter served me a bowl full of vegetables, a plate with salad, herbs and noodles, a tiny plate with fried onions and a small bowl full of soy sauce. And then there were the plastic plates with the rice paper on them.


Now it was time to roll some summer rolls Smiley 

Tatatataaaaaa, I proudly present my first self made summer roll:

Veeeery pretty, right?! ;-P

Even though it doesn’t look like it, the roll tasted fantastic.

Next to yummy and fresh food, Takeshii’s offers a great selection of cocktails, too. Definitely a place to spend a fun night!

More information about:

Takeshii’s (only in German)