Best little guesthouse in Stuttgart

Hi guys!

A little while ago, I discovered the most creative guesthouse in Stuttgart I’ve ever seen. I was planning a hen’s night for my friend Gaelle and needed a room for her and one of her friends. I was checking the big hotel websites but I wanted something special for this special occasion. Then a friend recommended the “Kunstpension” (which translates into “Guesthouse of Art”), run by Anna Ohno to me and when I had a look at their website, I knew I had found what I was looking for!

The Kunstpension is quite a small guesthouse, Anna has only three rooms: White Room (Weißes Zimmer), Green Room (Grünes Zimmer) and Red Room (Rotes Zimmer). Each room looks different. We were lucky that the White Room was still available as it is by far the most creative room. It’s design changes from time to time, at the moment you will find yourself within the installation “Cloud” by Berlin based artist Maria Gideon.

I felt like I’ve stepped into “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderlandwhen I entered the room:




The walls, the ceiling, event the floor was painted and decorated. We were roaming the room for a while to find all the little, strange details:

This ear for example, sticking on the wall and maybe listening to everything you’re saying…


There were a lot of collages, too:


But I have to admit, I liked the little paper boats the most:


Anna Ohnos Kunstpension is located in the West of Stuttgart, close to the station “Schwabstraße”. The prices start at 39 Euro, depending how long you stay and if you want a single or a double room. Breakfast comes for an extra of 6 Euro. But you are welcome to bring your own food, a small kitchen is provided:


And the best: Anna is a lovely person and fun to talk to. If you need anything, just ring her door bell, she lives in the same house, just one floor below the guestrooms.

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Anna Ohnos Kunstpension (only in German)

Hello… – not from Adele but from me!

Hello guys!

I am back in the blogging world! Sorry for the  long silence. Moritz and I moved lately PLUS I moved my blog and am self hosting (finally  and thanks to the great help of my friend Astrid!! You’re the best, my dear!!) so I decided to take a little break from blogging until I managed to finish these other tasks…

As we still have heaps to do these days in terms of furnishing the apartment, this will be the shortest post in the history of “living in Stuttgart” as I just point out an event that is taking place these days and which I can highly recommend:  The holiday fair “CMT”.


So if you want to read more about this great fair, check out my posts from 2013 “The whole world in one day” and 2014 “In the need for some inspiration for your next holiday?” or – even better – visit the fair by yourself. It’s always great fun. Smiley

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CMT 2016

Take a break from city life

If you need a little break from the city, I know just the perfect hideaway spot: The Eselsmühle (Donkey Mill) in Musberg!

This is truly a wonderful place, especially for families. The mill has existed for more than 600 years. It has provided food for the people in the area ever since. Today, the Eselsmühle still follows the principles of locally produced, sustainable groceries.

When you follow the street that leads from the parking area to the mill, you will be greeted by some of the furry inhabitants: sheep, goats or – as the name of the mill suggests – donkeys.

Eselsmuehle 2

They have a wonderful café with homemade cakes! I can’t even tell you which one my favorite is because all of them are soooo gooood! Smiley

Eselsmuehle 7

At Eselsmühle, even the calories are in ecstasy (that’s what’s written on the plate Smiley). I love to sit outside in the summer…

Eselsmuehle 4 Eselsmuehle 6

…but they also have a very cozy café inside which I prefer in the colder months:

Eselsmuehle 5

Next to the café there is the shop. They sell cute home deco stuff and organic groceries like vegetables, homemade bread, cheese and much more.

Eselsmuehle 9 Eselsmuehle 10

Eselsmuehle 11 Eselsmuehle 12

Plus, there is a small museum that exhibits stones and fossils.

Eselsmuehle 13

Time seems to stand still at Eselsmühle. I went there recently with my godchild and for little kids, the animals are a highlight!

DSC01650 Eselsmuehle 3

This is truly one of my favorite hideaway destinations!

More information about:

Eselsmühle (only in German)

Fun events in October

Bye-bye summer, hello October! Here are some fun events, that will make your October awesome:

stuttgartnacht 2013, Shuttle-Bus

Picture credit: Stuttgartnacht

  • The future is coming back on the 21st! That’s the day when Marty McFly from “Back to the Future” arrives in the year 2015. Several cinemas are hosting a special night on that day. The Corso in Stuttgart-Vaihingen for example organizes a triple feature, showing the original English versions.
  • It’s ”Besen”-time again! A “Besenwirtschaft” is a little restaurant or pub, run by local winegrowers that is only open during a certain time of the year. They sell their own wines and a small selection of local food. As Stuttgart is a winegrowing area, we have quite a few Besen (Fun Fact: The name Besen, or Besenwirtschaft, stems from the broom the pub owners put in front of their doors to show that they are open! Smiley) Some of my favorite Besen include Besen 66 in Stuttgart-Degerloch, Citybesen Stuttgart in the city center and Besenwirtschaft Glock in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt.
  • On the 24th and 25th you can shop like a hero. The “Heldenmarkt” in Stuttgart-Feuerbach offers all sorts of sustainable products: food, cosmetics, cloths, even holiday deals and financial services!
  • If you can’t wait for winter to come, why not visit the Ice World (“Eiswelt”) in Stuttgart-Degerloch? The ice skating rink opens its gates again on the 9th of October. An “Ice Disco “ is held every Sunday from 5 to 10 pm.
  • And of course the Cannstatter Wasen is still on ! So if you haven’t been to the world best fun fair, you still have the chance to do so until it closes its gates on the 11th of October.


So these are my personal highlights for October. Let me know if I have forgotten something you find particularly awesome. Have a fun October!! Smiley

Bella Italia!

Hello friends! Sorry for the long silence. Moritz and I have been on holiday and didn’t have internet. Yes, this problem still exists! ;-P  After we did some overseas traveling this year, we decided to stay in Europe this time and drive with our own car instead of flying somewhere. We were looking for a nice and easy summer holiday destination and it didn’t take too long until we decided it should be Italy. So this is my holiday recap about our 3-week trip from Stuttgart via Lake Garda to the island of Sardinia and back. (So if you’re not into travel porn, you can skip this article… but you will miss some really beautiful pictures of Caribbean like beaches and a not so nice review of Venice… ;-P)

Driving to Italy from Stuttgart is no big deal. You can be in South Tyrol in 4 hours for example (if traffic conditions are in your favor of course :-D).

Our first stop was Lake Garda where we stayed one night in Torbole in the north and three nights in Sirmione in the south.

lake garda torbole 1_thumb[1]

lake garda torbole 3_thumb[1] lake garda torbole 4_thumb[1]


Torbole is a small town that is famous amongst windsurfers, sailors and kite boarders for its constant winds. A lot of young people were hanging out there and we saw some nice bars and restaurants and we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

Sirmione, the town we stayed in afterwards, is one of the main touristic “sights” in the Lake Garda area and is thus crowded with tourists. It is located on a peninsula. You enter the town via a bridge and go through a gate, behind which you find colorful, historic houses, narrow streets, yummy ice cream…

lake garda sirmione 1_thumb[1]

lake garda sirmione 4_thumb[1] lake garda sirmione 5_thumb[1]

lake garda sirmione 6_thumb[1] lake garda sirmione 8_thumb[1]

lake garda sirmione 9_thumb[1]

From Lake Garda, it’s only a two hour drive to world famous Venice. Moritz and I had never been there but had always dreamed of going, so we decided to go there for a day.

But actually, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. I don’t know what I expected but the real Venice seemed dirtier and less stunning than what I had pictured in my head.

venice 06_thumb[1]

venice 01_thumb[1] venice 03_thumb[1]

venice 07_thumb[1]

venice 04_thumb[2] venice 14_thumb[1]

venice 05_thumb[3]

venice 08_thumb[1] venice 09_thumb[1]

venice 12_thumb[1]

Don’t get me wrong, it is still a stunning city and the waterways everywhere are quite special and pretty. But after crossing the 10th bridge, I felt like I’d seen it. Moreover, I don’t like walking through narrow streets all day long. The only time you have a wider perspective is when you are at Canal Grande. I felt like I needed some more space to breathe. In the end, we were happy that we saw Venice but also that we hadn’t booked a ridiculously overpriced hotel room to stay in overnight. Am I the only one who thinks this way? Let me know in the comments guys, I’m curious to find out if something’s wrong with me. Zwinkerndes Smiley But we also saw one thing thatI found very cool and would love to do if I ever go back: These guys paddled through Venice! Awesome, right?

venice 13_thumb[1]

Now it was time to head over to the island of Sardinia.

We took the night ferry at 11 pm from Livorno and arrived in Olbia at 7 am.

We spent twelve days on Sardinia and explored some of its north and east coast. These were my favorite places:

La Cinta Beach

sardinia la cinta 2_thumb[1]

sardinia la cinta 3_thumb[1] sardinia la cinta 4_thumb[1]

sardinia la cinta 1_thumb[6]

Crystal clear water and white sand! So beautiful!!

Capo Testa

sardinia capo testa 2

sardinia capo testa 1 sardinia capo testa 3

sardinia capo testa 4

This area is located in the very north of the island – you can even see Corsica from there. Next to the picturesque lighthouse, Capo Testa is famous for its bizarrly-formed rocks. And of course, the crystal clear, see-through sea! Smiley

Lu Impostu Beach

sardinia lu impostu

sardinia lu impostu 1 sardinia lu impostu 2

Again: Crystal clear, turquoise blue water. Do I have to say more?!

Sardinia is a gem in the Mediterranean Sea, that’s for sure. We weren’t very active while we stayed on the island. Apart from swimming and snorkeling, we enjoyed the sun and some good books. And after twelve days, we had to take the ferry again which brought us back to the mainland of Italy. On our way back home, we stopped once more at Lake Garda (it’s just so perfectly located for a stopover Smiley), this time in Limone, on the west of the lake.

Limone is another cute, colorful town with narrow, winding streets at Lake Garda. Even though its long tradition ofgrowing lemons suggests, that this is where the name comes from, historians suggest if it might stem from the word Limes, which means boundary (referring to its proximity to the communes of Brescia and the Bishopric of Trento). I personally prefer the lemon story. Zwinkerndes Smiley

lake garda limone 1

lake garda limone 2 lake garda limone 3

lake garda limone 4 lake garda limone 5

After our last night in Italy, we hit the road, drove the “Brennero”, the famous Brenner Pass through the Alps between Italy and Austria and were back in beautiful Stuttgart eight hours later.

Have you been to Sardinia or Italy in general lately? How did you like it? And please let me know what you think of Venice – I’m curious! Smiley

New Evening Market in Bad Cannstatt

I discovered a new market recently – the Evening Market (Abendmarkt) in Bad Cannstatt. It’s on every Friday night ’til the end of September and offers food stands, an entertainment program that varies from week to week plus the cozy atmosphere of the old center of Bad Cannstatt. The market is not huge but you have a small selection of food and drinks.

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 1

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 2

As a vegetarian, it was clear that the sausage stands were not for me so I headed over to a stand that was selling African food. Good decision Smiley I chose the chickpea vegetable stew and was very satisfied. If you’re brave, you can add very hot sauce to your dish (I chickpead out … uhm, chickened out Smiley mit herausgestreckter Zunge).

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 3

To drink, my friend and I had something really special: Rosecco! That’s prosecco that tastes like roses. Very very nice!

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 4

When we returned our glasses at the end of the night to get our glass deposit (called a Pfand) each of us got a rose instead of the usual Euro. Nice idea Smiley

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 5

As I mentioned earlier, there is a different program offered each week. When I was there, it was “Comedy Night”.

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 6

Four young comedians performed live on stage and you could vote for your favorite. They were quite good actually.

On the 11th of September, it’s Croatian night and on the 18th, it’s kids’ night Smiley.

So if you have no plans for the upcoming Friday nights, check out this new market!

More information about:

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt (only in German)

Fun events that will make September awesome

Hi guys, can you believe it? It’s September already?! But don’t worry, here are ten things that will make your September awesome:

The Stuttgarter Weindorf is taking place until tonight, the 6th of September. I checked it out during my lunch break last week and can totally recommend going there during the day, instead of squeezing yourself through the mass in the evening.

Stuttgarter Weindorf 1

I love the different festivals of the city quarters. From the 17th to the 20th, the Feuerseefest will be held at – you might guess it, the Feuersee ;-P! There will be food stands, live music and a night market, featured by DEKUMO. There you find all sorts of nice stuff: Cloths, art, jewellery… I went to a DEKUMO fair last winter and loved it!

On the 19th, the shops and galleries in Stuttgart-South presents themselves in a lovely event named “Sterne des Südens” (stars of the south). A good opportunity to browse through all the different locations and shop for small (or big) treasures.

The Cannstatter Wasen, our version of the Oktoberfest, will open it’s gates on the 25th. Of course it is muuuuuuch better than it’s counterpart in Munich Smiley And not as crowded! You don’t need to show up at 8 am in order to find a seat in one of the beer tents. For a little glimpse into the famous beer festival, read my blog article from 2012.


On the 26., it’s Stuttgart-Wests turn to invite you over for a fun day in the quarter. “Schätze des Westens” (treasures of the west) is another great event where all the shops, galleries and restaurants await you with special treats and surprises.

Did I miss any other awesome events? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!