Enjoying traditional Afternoon-Tea at The English Tearoom in Stuttgart

Hi guys! I’ve had the most wonderful Saturday afternoon last weekend. Have you ever enjoyed traditional Afternoon-Tea? If not, you should! ­čÖé If yes, you will be delighted to hear that The English Tearoom offers this special treat in their new showroom at Heusteigviertel!

picture afternoon tea at the english tearoom

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Expat Interview with James from liveworkgermany.com

Hi guys! I did another interview with an interesting expat: James moved from England to Germany in 2006. He has started the blog liveworkgermany.com recently, where he shares tips for other expats – from “How to apply for a job in Germany?” via “How does public transport work?” to “Finding an appartment”. Even though James doesn’t live in Stuttgart but in Wiesbaden I wanted to do an Expat Interview with him because I am sure that you guys will find his experiences quite interesting and helpful. So let’s meet James! 

Meet James, a British expat who moved to Germany in 2006.

Picture credit: liveworkgermany.com

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Expat interview with Rachel from rachelsanghee.com

Hi guys! I did another interview with an amazing expat. Meet Rachel, a Korean travel journalist who grew up in the U.S. and Seoul, is married to an Italian and enjoys living in Stuttgart these days. Quite cosmopolitan, right?! On her blog rachelsanghee.com she writes about her life in Stuttgart and her travels around the world. So let’s meet this interesting girl!

picture expat interview rachel

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Roadtrip from L.A. to Las Vegas

Aloha guys! After our 3 weeks on Kauai, Oahu and Big Island, we flew to L.A. When we planned this vacation we decided that we don’t want to fly directly back home after Hawaii but include a longer stop-over on the US west coast. And we came up with the idea of doing a roadtrip from L.A. to Las Vegas!

picture roadtrip from L.A. to Las Vegas

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Big Island in 3 days

Aloha guys! The last island we visited on our Hawaii trip was Big Island. We only had 3 days  (you will read more about how that happened later in the post…) but managed to see most of what we had intended to. We basically spit up our itinerary in three tours. Read more about how to see Big Island in 3 days.

picture big island in 3 days

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