Oh Julia, – New Italian restaurant in new shopping district

Hi guys! Have you visited the new shopping district Dorotheenquartier (DOQU) yet? It is located between Karls- and Marktplatz and next to new, interesting shops (my favorite: Rivièra Maison for Dutch home decor!) you also find some new, interesting restaurants there. One of them is Oh Julia, (never mind the comma… it’s not a spelling mistake but part of their name! :-D)

New Italian restaurant at Dorotheenquartier Stuttgart: Oh Julia,

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Why Weissenhofmuseum in Stuttgart is a very special museum

Hi guys! Have you ever been to Weissenhofmuseum in Stuttgart? I know, we have many famous museum in town and visiting Staatsgalerie, Porsche-, Mercedes-Benz- or Schweinemuseum might be higher one ones bucket list just because they are better know. But Weissenhofmuseum is a very special place and truly a gem you don’t want to miss! And here’s why:

Weissenhofmuseum in Stuttgart is a very special gem.

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Calisthenics in Stuttgart – check out these three parks!

Hi guys! Do you like to be active in the open air? I do! I prefer a cold breeze of wind around my sweating head while exercising over being locked into a steamy room in a fitness center. So you can imagine what my answer was when a friend of mine, Maxim Ebers, asked me if I want to join him for a workout at the calisthenics park in Stuttgart-Degerloch. But don’t worry if you don’t live in this area of Stuttgart, there are two more opportunities for calisthenics in Stuttgart.

calisthenics in stuttgart

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