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Stuttgart Hacks – Women-Night-Taxi

Stuttgart Hacks

In my new series Stuttgart Hacks I share information that might make your life in Stuttgart a bit easier. Today I talk about Women-Night-Taxi (Frauen-Nacht-Taxi).

Ladies, do you know this problem: You travel alone by public transport at night but dread walking all the way from the station to your home by yourself in the darkness? The operator of the Stadtbahnen (U-Bahnen – click here for more information about public transport in Stuttgart in general) in Stuttgart, SSB, is aware of this problem and offers a special service for all women who travel solo at nighttime: the Women-Night-Taxi (Frauen-Nacht-Taxi).

Stuttgart Hack: When you are a female traveling solo after 8 pm you can order a Women-Night-Taxi and get a 5 Euro discount from SSB on the price you have to pay the taxi driver!

All you have to do is:

  1. select a station (SSB provides a list of stations where the taxi can pick you up on their website and on banners inside every U-Bahn),
  2. tell the U-Bahn-driver that you want to order a Frauen-Nacht-Taxi and name the station you have chosen (there is a communication system next to the doors in every U-Bahn)…
  3. and make sure the taxi that is waiting at the station is the Frauen-Nacht-Taxi (and not another one that randomly parks there – otherwise you won’t get the discount).

So if you don’t feel safe at night, don’t take any risks and take advantage of this great offer.

Disclaimer: I write the articles for the blog with great care. However I cannot be held responsible for any incorrect or outdated information. 


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Posted on September 10, 2015

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