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Summersightseeing: Kurpark Bad Cannstatt

Summer Sightseeing Kurpark Bad Cannstatt

Bad Cannstatt is known to most people because of Wasen, the Stuttgart version of Oktoberfest, but probably not because of its beauty and recreation areas. Well, you might be astonished that you can wander through one of Stuttgart’s most beautiful parks there: Kurpark Bad Cannstatt, the Spa Garden of Stuttgart! Plus, this park houses a very special memorial for car enthusiasts…

Kurpark Bad Cannstatt consists of two separate areas, the upper and the lower park. The beautiful Kurhaus (Spa Hall) links both parts together. This is the perfect starting point for your visit as the U-Bahn stop “Kursaal” is located right here.

The beautiful Kursaal at Kurpark Bad Cannstatt.

The Kursaal was created between 1825 and 1835. It took so long because of financial problems. Only because King Wilhelm I invested in the project, the Kursaal could be completed after all. That’s why you can find the statue of the king in front of the building nowadays.

The lower part of Kurpark Bad Cannstatt stretches out in front of the Kursaal and is also the older park. It’s creation began in 1819 when a straw hut and a pavilion were created at Wilhelmsquelle, the mineral spring that feeds Mineralbad Cannstatt until today.

Lower Kurpark Bad Cannstatt

The design of the lower Kurpark Bad Cannstatt follows a strict geometric layout. The main angle leads directly to Kursaal. The alley is designed in neoclassicism. When you stroll around this part of the park you will pass several statues and fountains. The “Lautenschlägerbrunnen” (the left picture showing the statue of the boy with a lute) is even fed by mineral water.

Fountains at Kurpark Bad Cannstatt

The lower Kurpark Bad Cannstatt is nice but my favorite is definitely the upper part of the park! And it is still a hidden gem with the one or other historical fun fact. More about that later.

Created in the more natural English Style, the upper Kurpark Bad Cannstatt features winding paths that are passing beautiful old trees and a big lawn.

Impressions of upper Kurpark Bad Cannstatt

I actually fell in love with the little pavilion that oversees the lawn. Sooo pretty!

The pretty pavilion at upper Kurpark Bad Cannstatt.

But there is more about this park than its beauty. At upper Kurpark Bad Cannstatt you actually find the garage where Gottfried Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach invented the first sprinting motor in 1883 and the first light sprinting motor for vehicles, the so-called “grandfather clock”,  in 1885! Isn’t that cool?! The garage (don’t be astonished, it doesn’t look like a normal garage because it used to be a garden house before Daimler turned it into his workshop) houses a museum nowadays. Entrance is free but check the opening times before you go.

Daimler museum at Kurpark Bad Cannstatt

Kurpark Bad Cannstatt is a beautiful park that is well worth a visit – especially during the summer when all the flowers are blooming!

Flowers at Kurpark Bad Cannstatt

You can get to Kurpark Bad Cannstatt easily via public transport. The closest U-Bahn station is Kursaal.

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