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New and fun pop-up bar at Leonhardsviertel

Hi guys! Stuttgart has a new, fun location! However, maybe only for three more weeks as the Weißes Roß (White Horse) is a pop-up bar in the Leonhardsviertel, intended to exist for only six weeks.

picuture pop-up bar

The Leonhardsviertel is actually the red light district of Stuttgart. However, more and more sophisticated bars are settling there as well. The owner of the new pop-up bar actually runs the beloved Paul & George too, which is located just around the corner. The pop-up bar Weißes Roß used to be a hardcore pub and a place I would have never set foot in.

Pop.up bar Weißes Roß

You can still smell decades of pub history when you enter it. The odor of old smoke, the dim light and the heavy furniture still remind you of the bar’s former days. But the modern music, the hip girl behind the bar and the young guests make you feel welcome right away.

Pop.up bar Weißes Roß

The pop-up bar is actually very cosy! No direct light but old, dusty lamps everywhere. I like! 🙂

Pop.up bar Weißes Roß

My friends and I sat down at a table next to the big window, where we could watch people stopping and looking inside, wondering what the old pub looks like these days.

Pop.up bar Weißes Roß

As I don’t drink alcohol until Eastern I went for the home-made lemonade that night. And what can I say, it was very good! One of my friends even switched to lemonade too, after she had tried a sip of my drink.

Pop.up bar Weißes Roß

We stayed at Weißes Roß for hours and chatted the night away. Definitely a very cozy and relaxing place. If you want to check it out, hurry! As mentioned earlier, it is a pop-up bar and might be gone again in three weeks!


Weißes Ross
Hauptstätterstraße 41


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Posted on March 3, 2020

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