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Hiking from Waldenbuch to the hidden Lake Schönbuch

Hi guys! Moritz and I are determined to make the most of this beautiful, sunny autumn, hiking-wise. We like the area called Schönbuch, a national park south of Stuttgart, a lot. So we checked my dad’s guide book “Ausflugsziel Schönbuch” and decided to hike from Waldenbuch to the hidden Schönbuchsee (Lake Schönbuch).


We drove to Waldenbuch, the town where Ritter Sport, famous for it’s  square (and yummy) chocolate bars, is based, and parked our car next to the city center (there is a little parking area behind the crane on the picture).


We crossed the roundabout and started our hike.  We followed the signs pointing out Seitenbachermühle (Mill Seitenbacher) and had our first “wild”-life encounter:



Cute, hum? Smiley We passed the mill, followed the signs with the red dot…


…and turned right at the Schützenhaus (a clubhouse for shooters) – you can see it on the picture, it’s the building with the red roof.

We followed the stream Segelbach through it’s lovely little valley…


…until we reached it’s end and had to cross a street. On the other side we had to follow the sign with the blue dot.


We crossed a little parking area, turned right and entered the forest again.


We left the forest again and arrived at the beautiful valley Aichtal. We turned left and walked towards the mill Obere Rauhmühle.



We passed the mill and arrived at a street. Here we turned left and followed it for a few minutes until we found a little byway on the right. From now on, we had to follow the blue rectangle.


We followed it uphill, turned right into Forststraße, found a hidden lake, actually a water reservoir, on our right.


We walked around the lake and set down on a bench to have picnic.




I love how the leaves are turning yellow and red again. A little bit of Indian Summer in Baden-Württemberg Smiley!


We arrived at the street again, crossed it and followed the blue dot through the Aichtal and all the way back to Waldenbuch. On our way, we passed some artwork that belongs to an art trail sponsored by Ritter Sport…


…and some more wildlife – getting ready for winter… Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund


Then, we could see Waldenbuch again and thus our little hike was over.


For those of you who like to treat yourselves with something sweet after a hike: Ritter Sport has a little Café, open for the public. Try the Cappuccino RITTER SPORT with its melted chocolate – hmmmmmmm! Smiley

More information about:

Schönbuch (Wikipedia)

Waldenbuch (only in German

Ritter Sport


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