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Hiking from medieval Bebenhausen to a royal hunting cabin

Hi guys! As you know, I just love the Schönbuch national park in the south of Stuttgart. Yesterday, we hiked from the medieval town of Bebenhausen to a hunting cabin of crown prince Wilhelm von Württemberg.


We really love this hike and do it again now and then. And as I had written about it in one of my first blog posts two years ago, I won’t do the whole description of the trail again but share the beautiful pictures of the trail in autumn with you. If you feel inspired after reading this post, check out my article “Hiking in the Schönbuch Nature Park” for more information.

It was still foggy and cold when we arrived at Bebenhausen yesterday. We were the only hikers on the track for at least one hour which was nice because we had the whole beautiful scenery to ourselves.


It didn’t take the sun too long to fight the fog so we hiked underneath shimmering colored and sun kissed leaves most of the time.


On the first and the last part of the trail it feels like walking on a very old alley because of the old trees on both sides of the street.


Then, there is this little pond which I love very much.





Make sure to look up from time to time, otherwise you miss the colorful leaves… Not quite  Indian, but Swabian Summer… Smiley



There it is, the royal hunting cabin:


There is a picnic area close by. So make sure to bring some sausages! Smiley

Some more foliage:


Hmmmm, I love it!!








We have never done this hike when there was foliage and it was well worth it. I can imagine that the colors will get even more intense within the next weeks. So you still have a chance to enjoy some “Swabian Summer”! Smiley

More information about:

the hike (older blog post)


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