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Zaz at Jazz Open Stuttgart in 2013

Hi guys! Has anyone been to the Jazz Open Stuttgart this year? I went to see Zaz, the French singer and little whirlwind last week.

I met my friends in the afternoon at Schlossplatz and we got some Cocktails from the bar Waranga. I tried a Watermelon Man – man was that thing goooood! 🙂

Enjoying Watermelon Man from the bar Waranga

The stage of Jazz Open Stuttgart was set up in front of the new castle at Schlossplatz – what a great place for a concert.

Jazz Open in Stuttgart 2013
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Then, Zaz entered the stage.

Zaz at Jazz Open in Stuttgart 2013

She’s so tiny but man, has she a voice!!

Zaz singin at Jazz Open in Stuttgart

When you wonder, why I said at the beginning, Zaz is a little whirlwind and now, I only put up pictures of her standing still on stage, well that’s because all my other pics of her, running around and jumping up and down are too blurry :-)!


When the sun was setting, the stage looked even more dramatic.

Jazz Open in Stuttgart 2013
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Lightshow at Jazz Open in Stuttgart

Zaz in Stuttgart

Red lights at Jazz Open in Stuttgart

Jazz Open 2013

Thank you Zaz for a fantastic evening at Jazz Open Stuttgart!!

Zaz singing her last song at Jazz Open Stuttgart 2013

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