Calisthenics in Stuttgart – check out these three parks!

Hi guys! Do you like to be active in the open air? I do! I prefer a cold breeze of wind around my sweating head while exercising over being locked into a steamy room in a fitness center. So you can imagine what my answer was when a friend of mine, Maxim Ebers, asked me if I want to join him for a workout at the calisthenics park in Stuttgart-Degerloch. But don’t worry if you don’t live in this area of Stuttgart, there are two more opportunities for calisthenics in Stuttgart.

calisthenics in stuttgart

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Introductory class at CrossFit Animarum in Stuttgart

Hi guys! Do you feel fit? I actually didn’t for quite a while. I had too much work to do and not enough time for sports and fitness. That had to stop. You can imagine that it felt like guidance from above when Vale from CrossFit Animarum in Stuttgart reached out to me and asked if I wanted to come over for an introduction. Sure I wanted to! 🙂


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Functional Fitness in Stuttgart

Hi guys! Do you also prefer being active outside of a fitness studio during the summer months? I definitely do and that’s why I love “Sport im Park” (sport in the park), a free fitness program for everybody that takes place all over Stuttgart. Awesome, right? After I only used to take advantage of the yoga classes the last years I decided it’s time to try something new as well and that’s how I ended up doing Functional Fitness in Stuttgart…

Functional Fitness in Stuttgart

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Enjoying a free yoga class under the open sky

Guys, I have to share this wonderful experience I had on Monday: For the first time, I tried yoga under the open sky. And I loved it! Yoga in a small, crowded room is nothing against it.

Each monday at 6 pm there is this free yoga class, organized by “Sport im Park“. It’s taking place at Höhenpark Killesberg, more precisely in the Valley of the Roses (Tal der Rosen). You find this place quite easily: When leaving the U-Bahn station Killesberg, you see the big, twisted tower. The valley is just next to it.

View from the exit of the U-Bahn station over to the tower at Höhenpark Killesberg

Even the walk from the station through the park is very nice by itself:

Statue at the Valley of the roses / Tal der Rosen, Killesberg, Stuttgart

Can you guess why this place is called Valley of the Roses? 😉 And it’s just the season for them, they are blooming everywhere. So beautiful!

Tal der Rosen / Valley of the Roses, Killesberg, Stuttgart

Waiting for the yoga class at Killesberg to begin

We found a space under a huge tree where there was enough shade to provide shelter for about 50 (!!) people. And then the course started. I liked the teacher very much. She had a relaxing voice and led through the different poses very smoothly.

Yoga teacher at Killesberg

Yoga under the open sky feels sooooo different to yoga at a studio. You smell the grass, feel a cool breeze on your skin sometimes and the ground is so soft.

Practising yoga at Killesberg, Stuttgart

Yoga at "Sport im Park" at Killesberg, Stuttgart

I really enjoyed it.

Downward dog at Killesberg Park

That’s what you see while doing the downward dog. Better than the white sealing of a yoga studio, isn’t it?! 😉

"Sport im Park", Killesberg

Even though we were quite a big group, the lesson was very relaxing. Everybody had enough space for him- or herself.

After a bit more than one hour, the class was finished. Some people stayed on their mats afterwards but my friends and I decided to head over to the “Höhencafe“, a little restaurant which is overlooking the Tal der Rosen.

Höhencafe Killesberg

Up there, you have a very nice view; over the park and all the way to the Fernsehturm (tv tower).

View from Höhencafe Killesberg

Next to the view, the food is really nice, too! 🙂

I had FlĂ€dle (pancake) with goats cheese…

FlÀdle with goats cheese

… and my friends ordered Apfelstrudel (apple strudel)…

apple strudel

… and Maultaschen (Swabian ravioli):


We sat there, enjoyed the yummy food and watched the sun turning the tv tower pink.

What a lovely evening!

Fernsehturm Stuttgart

Yoga and the other free classes are provided by Stuttgarter Amt fĂŒr Sport und Bewegung in cooperation with Sportkreis Stuttgart, SportCodex and some sport clubs. The classes will be held under good weather conditions until the end of September. The directions are given in German. If you don’t speak German, talk to the instructor at the beginning, so he or she can advise you, have a special eye on you and switch to English when needed.

More information about:

Sport im Park (only in German)

Höhencafe Killesberg (only in German)