Bärenschlössle Stuttgart – the cute litte castle in Stuttgart-West

Hi guys! If you live in Stuttgart for a while already you know that we have some very nice castles: Altes Schloss, Neues Schloss, Schloss Solitude… But have you ever heard of Bärenschlössle Stuttgart (bear castle)?! If not, you should definitely check it out!

Bärenschlössle Stuttgart - the perfect place for a getaway within the city boarders

The Bärenschlössle is located in a forest that belongs to Stuttgart-West. The lakes Pfaffensee and Neuer See are close by, the castle itself is overlooking Bärensee. This area is loved by joggers so don’t be astonished to meet lot’s of people even if you come here early in the morning. If you come by car, you can park at the designated parking area Schattengrund. From there it is only a ten minute stroll to the castle.
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The changeful history of Bärenschlössle Stuttgart

Bärenschlössle Stuttgart was built in 1768 by duke Karl Eugen of Württemberg, following the model of Italian summer palaces. There were even gondolas in the lake underneath the castle at that time! However, after Karl Eugen died, the castle was subject do decay until it got broken down in 1817. However, that was obviously not the end of the story. King William I  loved installed a huge hunting pavilion at the same spot. The park was turned into a game reserve.

In its changeful history the castle was brough down two more times: in 1943 by a bomb and in 1994 by a fire. So the Bärenschlössle you can visit today is the fourth version.
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Don’t miss the restaurant at Bärenschlössle Stuttgart!

There is a very nice restaurant in the ground floor and you can rent the first floor for private events like weddings or birthday parties for example. In summer, the lawn around the castle is crowded with families and other visitors. If you have the chance, consider visiting Bärenschlössle Stuttgart during the week, when it is less full – and try one of their cakes! 🙂

baerenschloessle stuttgart cafe kuchen

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Bärenschlössle (only in German)

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