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Hi guys! Summer is over and Christmas is knocking on the door 🙂 If you are already looking for great gift ideas (maybe not yet for Christmas but for a birthday or any other special event) here is a great idea for Stuttgart lovers, people moving here or living in the area already: the Stuttgart Wimmelbuch and the Wilhelma Wimmelbuch, created by illustrator Tina Krehan!

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“What is a Wimmelbuch?” you might ask now. “Wimmeln” translates into bustling about. WimmelbĂĽcher are picture books with lots of little scenes and characters bustling about on every page. The special thing about the two books I would like to point out to you is that they are set in Stuttgart! Cool, right?

Cover Stuttgart Wimmelt

Picture credit: Silberburg Verlag

Stuttgart wimmelt (Stuttgart is bustling about) by Tina Krehan tells the story of Tom, his mum Nina and his dad Leo. The family has moved to Stuttgart a little while ago and now the grandparents are coming over for a visit. They explore the city together and can be found at places like Schlossplatz, Marienplatz and at the train station. But of course – as in real life – these places are crowded and there is a lot to see. Can you spot the dog Theo and the parrot Rufus? They are around wherever Tom goes with his family 🙂


Another great Wimmelbuch by Tina Krehan is Die Wilhelma wimmelt (It is bustling about at the Wilhelma).

Cover die Wilhelma wimmelt

Picture credit: Silberburg Verlag

The book takes you through the zoo and biological garden. You meet old friends like the parrot Rufus but also a lot of new animals and people. Fun fact: illustrator Tina Krehan painted real visitors of the Wilhelma! And Moritz and I made it in the book, too! Can you spot us? 🙂

Die Wilhelma wimmelt

These books are truly great gifts for young (and even old :-)) Stuttgart lovers! Moritz and I gave them to our nephews for example and they love them. There is so much to see on every page, it keeps kids occupied for quite a while 🙂


Also, the big, colourful pictures are the heart of the books. So it doesn’t matter whether the person you want to give the book to speaks German or not!

You can purchase the book for 14,90 Euro in book stores or here (affiliate link):
Stuttgart wimmelt

And here comes the greatest news! You have the chance to win one out of two WimmelbĂĽcher! I teamed up with the publishing house Silberburg Verlag for this post and they are giving away two books for free – one Stuttgart Wimmelbuch and one Die Wilhelma wimmelt! If you want to participate in the competition, all you need to do is:

  • be over 18 years of age and
  • fill out the contact form below before September 24 and 
  • make sure you provide your postal address so we know where to send the book if you are one of the lucky winners! 🙂 (Please note that the prize can only be shipped within Germany so only German addresses can be accepted) and
  • be OK with the fact that I will provide the addresses of the two winners to the publishing house Silberburg Verlag so that they can send the books per post.

Please not: I will contact the two lucky winners on September 25. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen – All decisions will be final. 

The two winners were drawn on September 25. Congratulations to Claire and Irmgard! I hope you will like the Wimmelbücher as much as I do! 🙂

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