Did you know Stuttgart has a beach?

There are many nice beer gardens along the Neckar. One of my favorite ones is the “Stadtstrand” in Bad Cannstatt.

stadtstrand stuttgart 1

stadtstrand stuttgart 3

OK, it’s not right at the river bank but hey, it has sand which kind of makes it a Strand (beach)! Smiley

Great thing for me as a vegetarian – they have a very nice veggie burger! But of course they have a variety of meaty burgers as well. Their Hawaiian burger is supposed to be great, too.

stadtstrand stuttgart 5

If you feel sporty, a beach volleyball court is close by. However,  I prefer to lay in one of the beach chairs and watch the sun set behind the Neckar Smiley.

stadtstrand stuttgart 6

More information about:

Stadtstrand (only in German)

Cycling along the Neckar to Marbach

I sometimes keep forgetting that Stuttgart is a city with a river. As the Neckar does not run through the center, it was out of my view most of the time. As Moritz and I have moved from the south of Stuttgart to the north lately, that has changed. During the last few weeks, I discovered a whole new face of Stuttgart. Today, we seized the day and the perfect weather for a bike trip to Marbach – of course along the Neckar.

We started at Max-Eyth-See, a beautiful place by itself, I will write a post about it very soon, too.


There is a bike path next to the Neckar which we followed all the time. It is very well maintained, flat and thus easy to drive on. After 12 km we stopped at Zugwiesen, close to Ludwigsburg.This is a renaturation project next to the Neckar and a lovely place for a break or picnic.

Neckar bike cycling

Neckar 1


Neckar 4 Zugwiesen

They have a tower from where you have a lovely view.

Neckar 7 Zugwiesen

Neckar 8 Zugwiesen

Plus, you can observe animals…

Neckar 3

Nekar 9 Zugwiesen

We rode on, had a little race duel with a freighter…

Neckar 10

… and won Smiley, came into a traffic jam…

Neckar 15

…and had to wait till the whole duck family had made it to the other side… and passed some lovely vineyards:

Neckar 17

Neckar 16

After around 1.5 hours we crossed the Neckar and arrived at Marbach.

Neckar 18

Right next to the bridge is a lovely beer garden, the Bootshaus Marbach. That’s where we had lunch Smiley

IMG_1945 IMG_1934


We turned around and cycled back to Max-Eyth-See.

What a lovely tour! Easy, with beautiful scenery and along a river. One of my new favorite weekend trips.

Have you explored the Neckar in or around Stuttgart already? What is your favorite place or trip?

My favorite beer garden just outside of Stuttgart

Even though I am Vegetarian, I like beer gardens. One of my favorite ones is “Schwabengarten” just outside of Stuttgart, in Leinfelden. It’s easy to reach because it’s located just behind the U-Bahn and the S-Bahn Station “Leinfelden”.


You get all the traditional beer garden style dishes there, like pork knuckle, sausages, potato salad and of course beer, but they also serve Flammkuchen (tarte flambée), Dampfnudel (steam dumpling), Weißwürste (white sausages) and dumplings with a creamy mushroom sauce, which you would not find in every beer garden. Nice for Vegetarians though!! Smiley

Well, I have to admit, I totally felt like fries today, so that’s what I got. Boring, I know Smiley


The unicorn in the background is not mine by the way! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund The Apfelschorle (apple spritz) though was mine indeed! As I don’t like beer (yep, how dare I call myself a German, right?! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund), I always order Apfelschorle with my meal when I visit a beer garden.

My nephews (proud holders of the unicorn by the way!) on the other hand ordered Rote Wurst and Kartoffelsalat (red sausage and potato salad) and thus made up for my boring decision on the food front.


What I like about Schwabengarten is, that they have more to offer than just the usual benches and tables: There is a playground for the kids and sun chairs for the grown ups…


Niiiiiice!! Smiley

It is a great destination after a bike trip, too. And if you are the proud holder of an e-bike, you can even recharge your bike while visiting the beer garden. They have their own e-bike station now! Awesome, right?!


During the season, Schwabengarten is open every day from 11 am until 11 pm. They also organize several special events every year, for example a “US-Car Meeting” on the 25th and 26th of July.

More information about:

Schwabengarten (only in German)

Schwabengarten on Facebook