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Flowers for my blog! And answers for you :-)

Living in Stuttgart got some flowers! Thank you Julia from jswinbw for the nomination! Smiley

So let’s see, what do I have to do here…

“Insert the Best Blog Award picture…”


Done! Smiley OK, that’s easy, I can do this! What’s next?

“Answer the questions”

OK, bring it on Smiley

1.) Why did you start your blog?

Because I wanted to give something back. During my studies, I lived in different countries and cities, namely Sydney/Australia, Prague/Czech Republic, Brussels/Belgium and Cardiff/Wales. And each time I started somewhere new, I was lucky enough to meet lovely people that took me by the hand, showed me around and supported me. That was extremely helpful in Czech Republic, where it was hard at the beginning because I didn’t speak the language  – and still don’t do (thank you Moni, for becoming my friend! Geheimnis erzählendes Smiley) and also in Australia, which is quite far away from home when you’re from Germany (yep, I’m thinking of you right now Sabrina, Amanda, Cassy and all the rest of you crazy girls! Smiley). And it was one of my Aussi friends, Emilio, who said something once what I think was the seed for this blog: When we were on one of our many weekend trips where he showed me and my friend Nadi around, I asked him, why he’s doing this for us. He smiled and said “Well, you know, a few years ago, I travelled a lot, too. And wherever I went to, I met people that showed me around and helped me out. Now, I want to give it back in some way.” His idea was that when everybody gives back some of the good experiences he made while traveling, the world will become a better place. And now, I think it’s my turn.

Too cheesy? Sorry guys, but that’s the reason why I started my blog. You can complain to Emilio Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund!

2.) Which of your blog articles was the most successful one and why do you think it was?

That’s easy, my most successful article was the one about me and my friend Nadi (yes, the one who’s living in Australia by now. But she comes visit from time to time Zwinkerndes Smiley) sledding down the German Alps.


More than 500 people read this post. Why do I think it is so successful? Because it’s fun, sledding down the Alps, and many smart people, who know what good fun looks like, want to find out more about sledding down the Alps!?! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund

3.) What would you never write about in your blog?

OK, let my think… I wouldn’t write about something that’s too personal… wait a minute…

“Our wedding 2013”

Hm, well, let me think again… I wouldn’t write about personal stuff about my friends…

“A magical day at Rosemont Manor – or: My friend Anne’s wedding”

Damn it! One more chance, please?! Ok, fine… mmmmm… I… would… never…. write about my parent’s profession!!

“For all of you who are new to this blog: my dad writes hiking books about Stuttgart and the surrounding area…”

“Again, we took the hiking book Stuttgarter Wanderbuch, written by my dad, Dieter Buck…”

“As usual when hiking in and around Stuttgart, we took one of my fathers guide books  with us….”

OK. Fine. I give up.

4.) What would you love to write about in the future?

One day, I would love to meet Eric Gauthier (best ballet dancer, ballet choreographer AND rock musician of Stuttgart – ah, what do I say – worldwide!!) and ask him what his most favorite place in Stuttgart is and why.

5.) Which blogs do you like to read yourself and why?

I love travel related blogs, blogs about Stuttgart and blogs written by lovely people I know Smiley. Why? Because they are interesting AND fun!

6.) What does blogging or the world wide web in general mean to you?

A window to the world and the best connection to people I love and who live far away.

7.) If you had a lot of time, what would you love to do?

I once read John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley”. And ever since, I want to do something similar in Europe. Or, to be more precise: around Europe (and maybe without Charley Zwinkerndes Smiley). So if I had a lot of time, I would buy a camper van and drive along the boarder of Europe. Yep, along ALL of the outer boarder of Europe. I would love to talk to people at the very ends of Europe, what they think about this constellation of countries, the Euro and the decisions that come from Brussels. And I would like to step on the other side of the boarder and ask people who live just outside of Europe, what they think. And I would talk to refugees who tried to sneak in, hear what they think. I am sure this travel would be an eye opener. Maybe, one day, I’ll do it. When I have a lot of time…

8.) You have three wishes! What do you wish for?

I love this!

a.) A lot of free time!

b.) A camper van!

c.) A poodle named Charley!

What, was that it? Am I finished already?? OK, what do I have to do now?

“Nominate other bloggers you follow yourself and pose them some questions”.

Well then… my nominees are – tatatataaaaa (drumm roll):

Dobrena, who writes for the very fun blog

Rachel and her lovely blog

Have fun girls! Smiley The questions are the same I had to answer.

And when your’re finished,

-insert the Best Blog Award picture and link it with my blog

-nominate other bloggers


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