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Cooking class in Stuttgart – wine tasting included! :-)

Hi guys! If you ask me, winter is the perfect time for a cooking class in Stuttgart! On my last birthday, my friends surprised me with an invitation to “Vino Mania”,  a Vinothek that belongs to Pasquale Scazzariello, where you can book cooking classes and wine tastings. And now it was time to get real. Smiley

Vino Mania is located at Filderstrasse 47, right next to Marienplatz. Don’t get confused with the entrances, it’s not the big blue door, it’s the one on the right.


Inside, Pasquale and his lovely wife welcomed us with the first drink. And then we were ready to start.

The five course menu of our cooking class in Stuttgart included pasta, so first thing we did was preparing Cavatelli.





I’ve never seen this kind of noodles before and they were tricky to produce. Then it was time to prepare the first course: Bruschetta




We had Greco Bianca with the Bruschetta and we enjoyed the starter very much.



For the second course, our host has come up with something very special: Beet Root Carpaccio. I’ve never heard of it before and was very curious to find out what it consists of (well, beet root, obviously, but what else? Zwinkerndes Smiley)



We cut the beet root in very thin slices and placed them on a plate. Afterwards, we put Parma ham and sunflower seeds on top of it.


Finally, it was time for rocket salad, Parmesan and Balsamic vinegar




Pasquale served Rosso Ralle „Greco” from Basilicata with the Carpaccio.

Now, we continued with the pasta. While some of us took care of the noodles…


… the others worked together to prepare the sauce.

We cut mushrooms and an Italian peperoni…



…entered some of these and that spices and olive oil and tatatataaaa:


Very yummy!

This was the wine we had with the main course:


But an Italian dinner wouldn’t be an Italian dinner if meat would not follow the pasta. So we continued with Scaloppine al Balsamico oder Limoni. We prepared veal cutlets, roasted them quickly and put white wine into the pan. Finally, we inserted some Balsamic and lemon juice.



And ready was the fourth course! Smiley

I thought I could eat no more after the Scaloppine but that was before I found out we will have Panna Cotta for dessert! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmh, it was soooo goooood! Smiley

It was such a fun dinner with my friends and Pasquale. He entertained us with his stories and his knowledge about wine and of course, we all had found one or two wines we wanted to take home with us.




Thank you girls for the great birthday present! I had so much fun at our cooking class in Stuttgart.

And thank you Pasquale for the fun evening!! I’ll be back! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund


More information about:

Vino mania (only in German)


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