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Our wedding 2013 – Part 2: The professional photo shooting and my hair

Hi guys! Every wedding includes a professional photo shooting. We were in the lucky situation, that one of Moritz’ very good friends is a professional photographer. So we asked Michi from Focus on Wagner if he would take pictures of us on our wedding day and luckily, he said yes 🙂

But there is no photo shooting without a visit to the hairdresser before, so here’s how my   started: At Haarschneiderei Nicole Kohler in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

Mrs. Kohler was originally fully booked for the 20th of July, but when she heard the story about what has happened to us and why we had to change plans and celebrate in Stuttgart spontaneously, she wanted to help out and gave me an appointment before the usual opening hours of her shop. Isn’t that just lovely? I am still so grateful.

We started with the makeup…


… don’t you think the green suits me just fine? 🙂 Don’t worry, it’s just the base for the real make-up 😉

Then, it was time for the hairdo! I wanted my hair up, but nothing too strict. So here’s what she worked out:

Working on the hairdo

Nearly finished

Sorry, quick chocolate bar break:

Hungry bride

Ok – drumroll: Here’s my hairdo:

Final hairdo

I loved it! 🙂

So with my professional make-up and hairdo, I was prepared for the professional photo shooting! 🙂

Another drumroll please for three of my most favorite wedding photos:

wedding photo 1
Picture: Michael Wagner / Focus on Wagner
wedding photo 2
Picture: Michael Wagner / Focus on Wagner
wedding photo 3
Picture: Michael Wagner / Focus on Wagner

Moritz and I had such a great time during the shooting. Michi is a great photographer and a very fun person. He knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere, he picks out the perfect spots and even though he has a lot of great ideas for postures and positions, he’s open for your ideas as well. We are very grateful that he did the shooting for us – Thank you so much, Michi! :-*

Photo shooting with Michael Wagner from Focus on Wagner

There are still two more posts about the ceremony  and our Mini-Moon in the pipeline. But as I’m waiting for some more pictures, it might take a few more days. So just stay tuned and read about what’s going on in and around Stuttgart in the meantime 🙂

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