Books make space for art

Last Thursday I have spent a very interesting evening at the Wilhelmspalais, close to Charlottenplatz. Until 2011 the Wilhelmspalais used to house the Stuttgart public library. Since the books found a new home in the new library behind the train station, the building awaits its reopening as a museum. In the meantime the Palais is used as a bar with a very unique style and hosts several cultural events.

The Wilhelmspalais by night.

One of them was the “Variété Liberté”. Four young artists showed their work and on Thursday, a poetry performance with “Hanz N’Roses” took place.

Hanz N'Roses

I can truly recommend the two young poets to everybody who understands a bit German. They tell stories about their life as students and teachers, very funny but also very intelligent. I became a huge fan! 🙂

After the show a DJ went to work but I headed back home. I really like how they have transformed the library to such a great, creative place in the middle of Stuttgart. I can’t wait what they bring up next.