What the heck is a Christmas pickle?

What the heck is a Christmas pickle?

Howdy everybody! I want to use this beautiful sunny Christmas day (yes, the sun is shining brightly in Stuttgart!) to clean up with a prejudice about German Christmas traditions: We might be a little bit strange, celebrating on the 24th and calling sausages with mashed potatoes a feast, however, WE DO NOT put Christmas pickles into our Christmas trees!!  ­čśÇ

So, that's hat Christmas pickles look like...?!

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Three Christmas markets in and around Stuttgart

Three Christmas markets in and around Stuttgart

Hi guys! Germany is famous for its Christmas markets. And of course there are some beautiful ones in and around Stuttgart, as well. In this post, I would like to point out three of them: the one in Stuttgart, the medieval one in Esslingen and the baroque one in Ludwigsburg,

I was lucky when I went to the Christmas market in Stuttgart during my lunch break as it had just begun to snow. And of course Christmas markets always look amazing when it’s snowing…

Stuttgart christmas market

Stuttgart christmas market

A great thing to do for kids is ride the miniature steam-train on Schlossplatz:

Miniature steam train on Schlossplatz

The Christmas market in Stuttgart is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. Its roots date back to the 16th century. And it is also a very large one, including parts of the Schlossplatz, the whole Schillerplatz, several streets between Schillerplatz and Marktplatz and the whole Marktplatz. Around 280 beautifully decorated stands offer food, drinks, Christmas decorations and much more. Especially the roofs of the stands are worth looking at.

A Christmas pyramid on the roof of a stand

Golden angel on top of a stand

Poet Friedrich Schiller looking down on what’s going on on “his” square, the Schillerplatz.

Statue of Friedrich Schiller on the Schillerplatz

Because of all the lights, it is always a stunning experience to visit a Christmas Market at night. So here are some impressions of one of my visits:

Stuttgart Christmas Market seen from Kleiner Schlossplatz

Two angels in front of the city hall on the Marktplatz:

Two angels on Marktplatz

Of course, the steam-train runs when it’s dark, too.

Miniature steam train during the night

When it gets too cold, it’s a good idea to step inside the Sporer Alm, between Marktplatz and Markthalle. It’s warm and cosy inside.

Sporer Alm on Stuttgart Christmas Market

Some of the stands offer very cute Christmas decorations. I have to admit, I do get weak sometimes…

Christmas decoration

Colourful candles

When visiting a Christmas Market, it’s a MUST to have a Gl├╝hwein (mulled wine). This year, I got a bit adventurous and tried Eierpunsch, which consists of egg-nog and white wine… well, I can’t recommend it… If you want to have something different from the traditional Gl├╝hwein, try a white Gl├╝hwein. That tastes very nice.

Gl├╝hwein and Eierpunsch

What I found very fascinating, but didn’t have the guts to try, were these chocolate-covered chillies…

Chocolate covered chilli

One of my favourite places on the Christmas Market in Stuttgart is the Finnish Village (Finnisches Dorf), which is located on Karlsplatz, close to the U-Bahn sation Charlottenplatz. They don’t serve Gl├╝hwein there but Gl├Âgi, which is made of berries and tastes very nice. And they sell the best salmon I ever had – seriously! You can have it on the plate for 10 Euro or in a bread-roll for 5 Euro. But they also offer a lunch special for 7,50 Euro for the plate. If you’re lucky, you find a seat inside the tent, close to the fireplace. Very cosy!

Enjoying Gl├Âgli on the Finnisch Christmas Market in Stuttgart

Cosy Finnish tent

The next Christmas market I went to this year was the medieval one in Esslingen.

Medieval Christmas Market infront of the city hall in Esslingen

Actually, only a part of the Christmas market in Esslingen is called “Mittelaltermarkt” (medieval market), there is also a “normal” Christmas market around it. When you enter the gate to the Mittelaltermarkt, you step into another world…

Entering the medieval Christmas Market

… and meet people you would not expect…

Meeting the Grim Reaper in Esslingen

Actually, the Grim Reaper turned out to be very polite and didn’t mind me taking a picture of him. Who would have thought that?? But I still asked him to keep his distance for some more decades… And he promised to do so! ­čÖé

When it comes to food, I made one epic discovery: Waffles with Nutella and cherries taste fantastic! How could I have lived without them for so many years???

Waffles with Nutella and cherries

There is one more Christmas market I would love to introduce to you: The Barock-Weihnachtsmarkt in Ludwigsburg. It takes place on the Marktplatz and is surrounded by baroque buildings and churches.

Baroque Christmas Market in Ludwigsburg

What blends in very nicely with the baroque surrounding are the illuminated angel statues in the middle of the market square.

Angel statues on the Christmas Market in Ludwigsburg

Don’t they just look beautiful?

Illuminated angel in Ludwigsburg

Unfortunately, it was raining heavily when I visited Ludwigsburg, so I didn’t take a lot of pictures. But I hope you can still get an idea of how lovely the baroque Christmas market is.

These were the Christmas markets in and around Stuttgart that I have visited this year. But of course there are many more around Stuttgart. I hope I get the chance to go to some of them next year.

That leaves me with only one more thing: I want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas with your friends and families! Have a good one!

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F├╝ssen, Allg├Ąu – a romantic place for a weekend getaway

F├╝ssen, Allg├Ąu – a romantic place for a weekend getaway

Hi guys! Are you looking for a lovely place for a weekend getaway? Two hours away from Stuttgart you find F├╝ssen, a cute Bavarian town in an area called Allg├Ąu. And that’s where I have spent my last weekend together with my girl friends.



F├╝ssen is nestled between snowy mountain peaks and appealing landscapes. The old town center is approximately 700 years old and offers narrow streets, little shops and traditional restaurants. My favourite place to relax and have a coffee is the Stadtcaf├ę W├╝rkert in the Reichenstrasse.



They have a huge variety of cakes and all of them taste equally delicious.


When you order coffee or tea, you’ll find out that they use differently painted cups – very cute! ­čÖé


I recommend sitting upstairs because the room is designed in the style of an Vienna coffee-house.


Before we left, I couldn’t resist and bought some christmas cookies.


Another very special place in F├╝ssen is the pharmacy. The facade of the building is elaborately painted…


… and the inside looks like out of medieval times.


So don’t worry if you’ve forgotten some drugs when visiting F├╝ssen, it only gives you a great opportunity to step inside and have a look ­čśë

We roamed the streets a little more…


…and came past a Weltladen where they sell fair trade goods from different countries. They had everything, tea, coffee, chocolate, toys, music, clothes, bags, vases, jewellery… I got myself a green necklace.



It got dark already but you cannot visit F├╝ssen without stopping by at Giovannis Weinladen. It’s situated in Lechhalde 2, next to a lovely painted church.


Giovannis’ real name is J├╝rgen. However, as he travels to Italy frequently and nobody there can pronounce “J├╝rgen” properly, he found himself another name – moreover, it just works better with his little wine shop, I reckon ­čśë




In Giovannis Weinladen you’ll find all sorts of wine but also spirits and exquisite olive oils. The owner is very helpful and directs you to just the perfect wine for you. And there is a lot of tasting the wine as well!


As we stayed in F├╝ssen for only one night, we didn’t do much more sightseeing. But there are so many more things to do and explore around here: The castle Neuschwanstein, the Alps, lakes, hiking trails, thermal baths and much more. As I am visiting this place at least once a year, more posts about F├╝ssen will follow in the future.

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