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Meeting fun people at “my Stuttgart language exchange”

Hi guys! Are you struggeling with learning German or another language? If you want to practice your skills face to face with native speakers, you should visit my Stuttgart language exchange!

I’ve heard of my Stuttgart language exchange a few months ago already. And what I’ve heard sounded like lot’s of fun: Meeting people from all around the world in a cool atmosphere and using your foreign language skills without really noticing it because you’re having nice conversations.

Last Tuesday I participated for the first time and had a blast. The meetings take place at “The Paris Club” (Boschareal, U-Bahn-station Liederhalle). They start at 6 pm and I was just in time to be the first guest – which was great because it gave me the opportunity to talk to Stephan, the heart and soul behind the language exchange in Stuttgart.

No wonder that Stephan knows how to learn a language best, he speaks 8 languages fluently and is working on two more. When he was 24 he made up his mind that he wants to travel 100 countries and learn 10 languages within the next 10 years. Well, he has visited this 100th country on his 35st birthday end of December 2016! 🙂

Some interesting people I met at my Stuttgart language exchange

Time flew while we were talking and The Paris was filling up. I got the chance to talk to many more wonderful people. Jurek from Poland for example. He even celebrated this birthday with his international friends at the language exchange.

Jurek celebrated his birthday at the language exchange.

I also talked quite a while to Rainer. He is a German digital nomad and spends the cold months in Australia. Moreover, he was the first person I met who speaks Esperanto! 🙂

When I stepped outside to take pictures of The Paris while there was still some daylight I met Refat and Samer. They are from Syria too and I was impressed with how well they have picked up German. Great job guys! 🙂Refat and Samer in front of The Paris in Stuttgart.

How does my Stuttgart language exchange work?

The principle of my Stuttgart language exchange is quite simple: There are several tables for different languages. One pair of languages is spoken at each table. You can switch tables and languages whenever you want. However, when I was there last Tuesday, people start to mix and mingle individually which was nice too and very relaxed.

my Stuttgart language exchange is on every Tuesday from 6 pm till midnight at The Paris, Forststraße 9. Upon your first arrival you purchase a name tag for one Euro and little flags that symbolize the languages you speak for 50 Cent each. You keep this name tag and bring it along the next time.

my stuttgart language exchange name tag with little flags

There is also a minimum consumption of 3 Euro for every event which gives you a 3 Euro drink voucher. There is an offer of 2,50 Euro for every further drink voucher worth 3 Euro granting you a 50 Cent discount on each beverage.

Next to drinks The Paris offers small dishes from 3,50 to 4,50 Euro, so you can drop in right after work or University.

I had a great night meeting so many interesting people from all around the globe so I will definitely be back! 🙂 Thanks for organizing such a great event every week, Stephan!

Are you learing German at the moment? And have you ever participated in a language exchange – maybe even in Stuttgart? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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my Stuttgart language exchange (on

my Stuttgart language exchange (facebook fanpage)

Stephan’s blog

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