A posh festival and fun in the fountain

As we are still waiting for some of the pictures of our wedding, I will write about something else until I put up posts about our big day. And there are many things happening in and around Stuttgart these days. It feels like I am emerging from the whole wedding preparation thing into real life 🙂 And it feels nice to finally be a part of what’s going on again! 😀

I have missed a lot of festivals in Stuttgart this year. But one is taking place this weekend and Moritz and I used this lovely afternoon today to stroll over the Sommerfest (Summer festival).

Sommerfest Stuttgart 2013

It was once planned as a one time event after the Bicycle World Cup in 1991. But as it was a great success, it became an annual thing. Until Sunday, 4th of August, you’ll find its white tents at Schlossplatz…

Sommerfest on Königstrasse in Stuttgart

Sommerfest in front of the new castle in Stuttgart

…but mainly in front of the opera house, all around the Ecksee:

Sommerfest in front of the opera house in Stuttgart

Tents around the Ecksee

As they are opening the festival this evening, not all of the businesses had their tents ready when we were there around 4 pm. But we were not hungry so it was no big deal. We simply had a fruit smoothie and were quite happy 🙂

Moritz ordering smoothies at Sommerfest Stuttgart

Selection of fruit smoothies

Enjoying our fruit smoothies at the Ecksee

We strolled around a little longer, but as it was such a lovely hot day today, I felt like a quick refreshment. And what do you have fountains for in Stuttgart?!

Refreshing yourself under the fountain in Stuttgart

Having fun under the fountain in Stuttgart

Standing in the fountain at Schlossplatz

On the last pic you see me splashing water at Moritz, seconds before I noticed it’s my camera he’s holding… 😀

I have to admit, that the Sommerfest isn’t my favorite festival in Stuttgart. It is a bit too posh for my taste. For example, here you don’t just eat pizza, you’ll have a  “Pizza Gourmet”!

At the Sommerfest, you don't want to eat normal pizza - you'll have a pizza gourmet!

True story! 😉

Plus, I always feel a bit sad for the ducks that live in Ecksee… Especially as they have babies right now…

Ducks swimming in Ecksee.

On the other hand it’s nice to see the Schlossgarten with all the white tents and a festival is a festival and festivals are always nice to visit – especially when you have such great weather as we will this weekend! 🙂 So: Don’t mind my words and just go! 🙂

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