A guide to celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany

Hi guys! You might have heard about the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) already and that it is a biiiig thing in Germany. If you want to understand this event and get the most fun out of it as possible on May 13, too, you should check out my little guide about celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany in today’s post!

picture guide to celebrating the eurovision song contest in germany

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What the is a Christmas pickle?

Howdy everybody! I want to use this beautiful sunny Christmas day (yes, the sun is shining brightly in Stuttgart!) to clean up with a prejudice about German Christmas traditions: We might be a little bit strange, celebrating on the 24th and calling sausages with mashed potatoes a feast, however, we do not put pickles into our Christmas trees!! 😀

I was talking about Christmas decorations with a colleague last week and he told me about the American exchange student who stayed with his family last Christmas. When they decorated the Christmas tree together, he asked where the Christmas pickle is. My colleague was confused and thought he might have misunderstood the question. Then the exchange student told him that it is commonly believed in the US that it’s a German Christmas tradition to hide a pickle in the tree.

I didn’t believe him and thought we has making fun of me. So the next day, he brought me the pickle the exchange student gave him and his family as a present when he left.

So, that's a Christmas pickle...

Well, I have to admit, I actually like this pickle-tradition-thing. When I googled it, I found out that the idea of hiding it in the tree is that whoever finds it first, receives a special present. Maybe we’ll adopt this (American!) tradition next year 🙂

But for this Christmas, we are quite happy with our pickleless tree. Merry Christmas, today especially to all Americans! Be good to your pickles 😉

Merry Christmas!