Expat Interview with Christian from The English Tearoom

Hi guys! In today’s Expat Interview Christian from The English Tearoom shares his experiences with us. He and his wife Lynn moved from London via Greece to Stuttgart thirteen years ago. In the interview he tells us what he loves about our city, how he managed to learn German and why he won’t be an expat for much longer!

picture expat interview with christian from the english tearoom

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Enjoying traditional Afternoon-Tea at The English Tearoom in Stuttgart

Hi guys! I’ve had the most wonderful Saturday afternoon last weekend. Have you ever enjoyed traditional Afternoon-Tea? If not, you should! 🙂 If yes, you will be delighted to hear that The English Tearoom offers this special treat in their new showroom at Heusteigviertel!

picture afternoon tea at the english tearoom

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Little Britain in Stuttgart

My friend Nina is a huge tea lover. So when I found out about The English Tearoom in Stuttgart’s Heusteigviertel and their tea seminars, I knew what her next birthday present would be. 🙂

And two weeks ago, it was tea time!



The English Tearoom is a little tea boutique owned by the lovely couple Lynn and Christian. Both of them were born and raised in the UK and are therefore – obviously Zwinkerndes Smiley – very well accompanied with tea sincetheir childhood. However, they took a trip around the world in their twenties and found out that there’s more to tea than Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea. Their passion for good tea grew ever since. They moved to Stuttgart in 2004 and opened their shop soon after. Apart from high quality, orthodox (pure) tea you’ll find some blends, too, and also a selection of lovely China, yummy tea biscuits and all sorts of fun British products. So their boutique is always worth a visit.

We have booked a seminar in German but they also provide them in English! Lynn and Christian really know a lot about tea and share their knowledge in a fun and relaxed way. I found it very interesting to see how different tea leaves look like:


And of course, we were able to taste a huge variety of tea.


english_tearoom5.jpg   english_tearoom6.jpg


My favorite ones included Milky Oolong, which has a wonderful smooth, almost creamy flavor…


…and the VERY green Matcha Tea:


I ended up taking both of them home with me Smiley.

And of course, there were biscuits, too Smiley Yummmmmmy!!


We also learned a lot about the history of tea. According to the legend, the Chinese emperor Shennong invented tea by accident in 2737 BC. He liked to drink hot water and one day, a leaf from a wild tea bush fell into his drink – you can guess the rest of this story Smiley.  And here comes another fun fact: Have you ever noticed that in British literature, it’s always the good characters that drink tea? Check out some Jane Austin books if you don’t believe me Zwinkerndes Smiley.


Lynn and Christian told us much more, for example how it really was a British spy who helped the UK to become tea independent and thus saved the British tea culture. But I don’t want to give away all the stories. Book a tea seminar and find out for yourself! Smiley

When the seminar was finished, we had a look around the shop. I could have spent a fortune there!






We had such a good time at The English Tearoom. Lynn and Christian are the sweetest tea enthusiasts and shop owners you could think of.


We’ll definitely be back for more (tea) soon! Smiley

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