Listening (and dancing) to Eric Gauthier and Band at the Jazzclub Bix

Hey guys, I had such a blast last night. Eric Gauthier and Band were playing at Jazzclub Bix.


Some of you might wonder now: “Wait a minute, I remember you wrote an article about this guy last year. But that one was about ballet…?!” Right. Well, Eric Gauthier is not only an amazing ballet dancer and choreographer, nope, this guy was blessed with one more talent: He’s also a great singer/songwriter. Well, some things in life are just not fair… Zwinkerndes Smiley  Anyway. Back to his concert yesterday.




The Bix is not very big so it felt cozy and private in there. The audience was very mixed. I think a lot of his ballet fans were there. You saw not only one slightly grey head Smiley But don’t get me wrong, I think it´s awesome that he brings together people of all ages. It’s the same with his ballet performances, only that there it’s the teenage audience that sticks out.

They were playing a lot of his classic songs plus one new one that is not released yet. It took the audience a bit to start to move – not my friend Jules and me though, we never waste a minute when we´ve got the chance to danceSmiley mit geöffnetem Mund. If you like singer/songwriter inspired pop and rock music, Eric Gauthier and Band is for you!

To give you an idea what they sound like, here are some YouTube-links (from the YouTube-Channel of Rainhardt Albrecht-Herz):

Morning after

New French Song

Serenading you

What might interest you too, is that Eric Gauthier was born in Montreal, Canada, and moved to Stuttgart in 1996. He learned to love this city and even wrote a song about his “new Heimat”: the Spätzlesong Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund

(from the YouTube-channel of Kanal von 1987ulle)

Here’s a big hand of applause for Eric Gauthier and Band! You guys are awesome!


If you want more Eric Gauthier, you should visit his “Colours International Dance Festival” which takes place in Stuttgart between 25. June and 12. July 2015. I will definitely catch the one or other performance and maybe even workshop. Can’t wait for it! Smiley

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Jazz in Stuttgart

Lately, I’ve rediscovered my interest in Jazz. I kind of grew up with Jazz music as my dad listened to it all the time when I was a kid but then I’ve lost the connection. But when I accompanied my mum and dad to an “Introduction to Jazz”  at  The State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart with the wonderful Alexander ‘Sandi’ Kuhn last December, I was into it again.

When you want to listen to world class Jazz music in Stuttgart, there’s a place you should check out: the BIX Jazzclub at Leonhardsplatz.



It’s an institution in Stuttgart since it opened its doors in 2006. Regional as well as famous international musicians perform at BIX every week and this club also partner of several festivals and events like the jazzopen for example.


I went there for the first time a few weeks ago with some friends to see the group “Soul Diamonds”. My friend Miri has seen them a few times before and recommended them strongly. And what can I say, she was right.

Soul Diamonds are what you call an “All-Stars-Band”, a combination of musicians with different backgrounds. They play well known songs but also impressive improvisations.




At that night, I fell in love with Fola Dadas voice and the magic, Klaus Graf can perform with his saxophone. What a great band.

If you want to see them, too, you’ve got the chance to do so at the 17th of April. Even though you won’t be able to get a table anymore(those are booked out within days!), normal tickets are still available.

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Art on a budget: free Jazz performance in Stuttgart

Enjoying art can become quite expensive, especially in a city like Stuttgart where you could visit a different stage nearly every day. But last week, I found a great way to satisfy my craving for concerts and other performances without spending anything: The State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart offers a wide range of cultural events, mainly concerts, where the students practice to perform in front of an audience. Last Wednesday, they offered an “Introduction to Jazz” and as my whole family likes Jazz music, I went with my mum and dad.

Alexander ‘Sandi’ Kuhn led through the evening.

With the help of a PowerPoint-Presentation he explained why every Jazz concert is different, why improvisation is an crucial element of Jazz and how a piece of Jazz music is constructed. And with the help of Prof. Rainer Tempel on the  Piano, Eckhard Stromer on the drums and Nico Amrehm, playing the bass, he supported his presentation with examples.

Man, is he great with the saxophone!

It was an awesome performance in a very cozy and personal atmosphere.

I’ve listened to Jazz from a very young age as my dad just loves this kind of music. And growing up with it, I was always weak for Jazz, too, but I never quite understood it. Thanks to Sandy, a door to this music opened for me, last Wednesday – and I’ll definitely be back for more!

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State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart

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When a (Silent) Friday falls on a thursday…

… then we are talking about a very special and wonderful event in Stuttgart. In a very relaxing atmosphere, with pillows on the floor and dimmed light, the Silent Friday presents experimental performances and different types of music. It’s a shame that this event won’t be around for much longer in its former way…

I went to the last Silent Friday that is organised every month last thursday. And that’s the first thing I love about this event: despite its name, it takes place on a thursday! 🙂

It was held in the Theater Merlin in Stuttgart-West. Five different performances were awaiting us, from acoustic music over some asian dance meditation to Swedish dance music and relaxing singer-songwriter tunes.

The entrance to Merlin in Stuttgart-West

We were happy that we arrived early enough to get some pillows 🙂

Relaxing on pillows at the floor during Silent Friday at Merlin

The evening started with a band playing acoustic music. What followed was hard to comprehend – and is even harder to explain to you guys…: a girl doing some asian “dance meditation performance”.

Some performances leave you clueless

Well, but that’s the great thing about Silent Fridays: They always confront you with a new type of art. You don’t have to become a fan of it but you should be open and respectful towards the artist. And that’s what the Silent-Friday-audience usually is.

Now it was time for the singer and songwriter Kid Decker, who enchanted us with his tunes. After we had snuggled in our pillows for a while by now, the Swedish band MOMOFOKO made us push the cushions away and get to our feed: it was time to dance!

A "not so silent" Silent Friday moment

It was around midnight by now and it was time for us to leave. So we only saw the beginning of the Performance of “Owls of the Swamp” – quite a pity because we really liked what we heard: soft indie-folk. Luckily one of my friends got his CD 🙂

Listening to indie-folk

It is really sad that I found out about this great event just before it isn’t held in it’s regular way. Nevertheless you still have the chance to visit a Silent Friday. You only have to wait till autumn, but then it’s supposed to come back.

Another great fact about Silent Fridays: The singers and artists are very down to earth and you can talk to them in the breaks between the performances. I had a very nice chat with Pete Uhlenbruch form Owls of the Swamp.

Chatting to Pete Uhlenbruch from Owls of the swamp

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Kid Decker

Owls of the Swamp

My first dinner outside in 2013!

I’ve spent my first evening sitting outside in 2013 – in March! And I have chosen just the perfect spot for it: One of the tables in front of the bar “Galao”, close to the Marienplatz.

The Galao close to the Marienplatz in Stuttgart

The Galao is a lovely little pub which organises cultural events quiet frequently. Yesterday, the Singer-Songwriter Synje Norland was present, supported by a wonderful cello player. I fell in love with their music! Beautiful, relaxing tunes, strong voice, awesome artists. Everybody who has no plans for tonight: They will participate at the “Silent Friday” in the “Kulturwerk”!! Worth going!!

Singer-Sonwriter Synje Norland at the Galao in Stuttgart

My friend Katja and I arrived around 18:30 – which we thought is early – and had to face the fact that the pub was already full inside. But as it was a very warm day in Stuttgart yesterday, it was still very mild in the evening. And as the Galao has set up some tables outside, next to the windows, we decided to have our first dinner in fresh air in 2013. And believe me, it was not that cold! OK, around 8 pm we asked for some blankets, which we got straight away. And like this we stood our ground until 10 pm, when the concert was finished.

Sitting outside the Galao in Stuttgart

We were both very hungry and thus eager to see what Galao has to offer. The selection is actually not too big, but everything sounded very nice and we both went for “Thali”, which consists of different curries and comes with chapati bread and basmati rice. Very yummy! I’ll definitely have that again the next time!

Yummy Thali

The Galao is really a special place, not mainstream, nice people and an interesting cultural programme. Maybe I’ve found a new favourite location in  Stuttgart… 🙂

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