Colours International Dance Festival 2015

Are you moved by colours already, too? Eric Gauthiers “Colours – International Dance Festival” has featured a special pre-opening event on Friday at Marktplatz: “Colours in the City”. (Sorry for the slightly blurry pictures, my camera went on strike and I had to use my phone…)

Colours International Dance Festival presented by Eric Gauthier 1

Despite the grey sky hundreds of ballet – and Eric Gauthier – junkies made their way to Marktplatz, right in front of the city hall, to take part in the free mini workshops and watch short extracts of the performances that will be held at Theaterhaus from the 25th of June to the 12th of July.

I wasn’t sure if workshops with such a large crowd would work well – but they did! Stuttgart was truly moved by colours! No matter if it was Hip Hop, Bollywood or classical Ballet, everybody was participating! Only the tango lesson was a bit too tricky for some of us… Smiley

Colours International Dance Festival presented by Eric Gauthier 3




It was so much fun dancing in such a large crowd. It wasn’t that hard, either. Plus, dancers from Eric Gauthier’s dance company were everywhere and if you couldn’t follow what was going on on the stage or the big screen, you could look at them.

Colours International Dance Festival presented by Eric Gauthier 4

Next to the workshops there were performances of the international dance companies that will participate in the festival.


My favorite was the “football ballet”. Yep, you read correctly. A slow motion scene from a football match, VfB Stuttgart against Borussia Dortmund Smiley, where Stuttgart gets a free kick. Sososo good! Eric Gauthier plays the referee who has to deal with cheeky players that hit each other behind his back and stuff like that. Very, very funny Smiley

Eric Gauthier football colours 1

11118280_10206153094119743_2064104958_n Eric Gauthier football colours 2

After this great pre-opening, I am even more excited about the festival. I got tickets for three performances: “Kamuyot” – performed by Gauthier Dance, “m¡longa” – from the Flemish-Moroccan star choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and “Blue Love” by the Shaun Parker Company. Plus, I will participate in a workshop held by Eric Gauthier: “Dance for everybody” – and after the short workshops at Marktplatz, I think this will be really, really good! Smiley Hurry up if you want to see some performances as well, most of the shows are sold out already!

How about you, guys? Did you participate in the pre-opening event, too? How did you like it? Or will you go see a show at the Theaterhaus? Feel free to share your thoughts! Smiley

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Celebrating the onion – at Zwiebelfest Esslingen

Yesterday, my friend Jules and I decided to celebrate onions. And where can you do this better than at a festival dedicated to them? What a coincidence that the Zwiebelfest (Festival of the Onion ) is taking place in Esslingen at the moment!? 😉

You find this small festival at the market square (Marktplatz) in Esslingen, surrounded by beautiful, historical houses.

Zwiebelfest - Festival of the Onion - in Esslingen

Zwiebelfest at the market square in Esslingen

Eight chefs offer food and drinks at their stands. Most of it is Swabian – which means it’s very good, of course 🙂 But I have to admit, I expected the onion to be more present in the dishes offered. OK, they had onion cake, but that’s nothing unusual. The only interesting thing I found was onion marmalade…

I went for Maultaschen-Burger. Maultaschen are what you can call Swabian Ravioli. One chef came up with the idea of putting it in a bread roll.

Maultaschen Burger

I was curious how it might taste and I can tell you, it’s actually quite nice.

As the festival is very small and thus also very crowded in the evening, Jules and I decided to have a drink at Kessler Sekt – Germany’s oldest producer of sparkling wine (at least that’s what they state on their website :-)). During summer, they open their backyard and you can sit there and order sparking wine out of their depot.

Entrance to the backyard of Sektkellerei Kessler

Ordering sparkling wine out of the depot at Kessler Sekt

I had some kind of summer cocktail -of course made with Kessler Sekt –  and Jules got a glass of Hochgewächs.


Tasting Kessler Sekt

We had a lovely evening in Esslingen and I have to admit, even though we came for the onion, it was the sparkling wine that made us stay… 🙂

But eventually, we had to say goodbye to the onions, not without a last hungry look at the onion cakes on display…Onion cake

If you are interested in visiting the Zwiebelfest yourself, you can do so until the 12th of August.

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