Lunch at “Academie der schönsten Künste”

Hi guys!

I hope you’re enjoying this long Easter weekend. I can’t believe how lovely the weather was today. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that… Well, if you’re in need of a place for a nice breakfast or lunch in order to hide while it’s raining cats and dogs, you should try “Academie der schönsten Künste” at Charlottenplatz!

Akademie der schönsten Künste

This place has been around since the 70s – in those days it was known as “Bernd’s Lädle”. Ever since it has been an institution when it comes to French style breakfast and a cozy atmosphere. Even today, artists, students, business people, and freelancers meet at “Academie der schönsten Künste”.

Recently, I met my friend Julia there for lunch and I wanted to share my fond feelings for this place with you guys. Let’s have a look inside:

Akademie der schönsten Künste
You fall in love with “Academie der schönsten Künste” right when you enter. Look at all the artwork on the walls and the ceiling! My favorite is the mermaid/fishbone that is hanging from the wall in the center! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund

Akademie der schönsten Künste

In addition to all the art, they also offer a nice lunch menu. It comes with a side salad…

Akademie der schönsten Künste
… a main course (of course Smiley) – in my case pancakes stuffed with mushrooms:

Akademie der schönsten Künste

… and a dessert! Hmmmmmm, yummy.

Akademie der schönsten Künste
In summer you can also sit outside, at the back of the building. But I have to admit, I prefer sitting inside, in between all the paintings. Makes me feel like a little bit of an artist myself Zwinkerndes Smiley

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Lunch at an institution: Café Stella

Hi guys, today, I would like to introduce you to what you can call an institution on the caféfront in Stuttgart: Café Stella at Hauptstätter Straße 57!

This place is open for over 30 years and people who once visited it as students come back with their families nowadays to enjoy one of the famous Stella-breakfasts here. But not only the breakfasts are great. I went there lately with my friend Julia during my lunch time.


As a vegetarian, I like that they always have something for me on the menu Smiley You even find vegan meals there. And if meat’s your thing, you might like to hear that they select their products wisely and serve organic/bio quality very often.

I was in heaven when I checked out the menu and found asparagus on it. It’s the season now and I try to have it whenever I can Smiley


I tried the white and green asparagus with rice and chervil. Veeeery yummy!!


My friend took the Spaghetti Bolognese and was very happy with her choice, too.


Next to legendary breakfasts and yummy lunches Café Stella is also famous for it’s events. Many artists have performed on that stage already…


So, no matter what time of the day, it’s always a good idea to visit Café Stella! Smiley


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Sunny lunch break at “Weltcafe”

Hi guys, where are you enjoying the sun these days? I found a new, sunny place for my lunch breaks: The “Weltcafe” in the Planie building, next to the U-Bahn station Charlottenplatz.


It is next to the “Welcome Center” which might interest those of you, too, that have moved to Stuttgart recently and would need some support here and there. They have a migration advisory service, a job center, a youth and family counseling center and more. But back to the café Smiley.

You can sit inside, on colorful chairs, underneath the colorful ceiling…


or outside, in the backyard. And that’s exactly the place my friend and I chose!


It’s really nice there, very quiet and – depending on the weather of course – sunny.

When it comes to the food front, mind that the selection is not too big. They offer some different kinds of Quiche Lorraine, soups and other smaller snacks. And cakes! I tried a vegetarian quiche…


…which was a bit small but very nice. In the end , I didn’t mind the size because it was a great excuse to try their brownies! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund


Yep, very nice, too. And after this one, I was definitely not hungry anymore! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund

They are open from 10 am to 10 pm, apart from Sundays where they close at 8 pm. And they are closes completely on Wednesdays.

Morever, I just found out that they organize special events from time to time, too. I think I have to come back in the evening again!


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Celebrating Eastern in warm water

Happy Eastern guys!

But what crazy weather we have theses days, hum? Rain, sunshine, snow, sunshine…?! Well, I decided to make the best of it and enjoyed the cold weather in a very warm and relaxing place: the mineral spa in Böblingen – my favorite!


For the regular entrance fee, you can visit several indoor and outdoor pools with different water temperatures, four saunas and two steam baths. You can even purchase a ticket for the “sauna garden”, a huge area, where you will find six additional saunas. I actually never went there because I hardly get to use all the pools and stuff that come with the regular ticket.

I love being in the spa, floating in the warm water and visiting the saunas… You just feel soooo deeply relaxed after it.

At the end, half an hour before I had to leave, I sat down in one of the deck chairs and nearly fell asleep Smiley


A great way to spend a rainy day! Smiley

What are you guys up to for Eastern?

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