A guide to celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany

Hi guys! You might have heard about the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) already and that it is a biiiig thing in Germany. If you want to understand this event and get the most fun out of it as possible on May 13, too, you should check out my little guide about celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany in today’s post!

picture guide to celebrating the eurovision song contest in germany

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Eurovision Song Contest tonight!

Hi guys! The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is on tonight!! Yay!! Moritz and I are huge fans of the event but I know that some of you wonder why half of good old Europe is crazy about it. That made me think about it, too and I came up with 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson tonight!

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Preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest tonight

I admit it: Moritz and I love to watch the Eurovision Song Contest Smiley. A few years ago, we started our own little tradition: For dinner, we try to get as many food from participating countries (or countries that could have participated) as we can find and enjoy a very European buffet.

So here’s what we found this year:


  • Glenfiddich Whisky and Toffee, representing the UK
  • Sangria, representing Spain
  • Macedonian wine, representing Macedonia
  • Macarons, representing France
  • Paracini and Pizza, representing Italy
  • Marillenknödel, representing Austria
  • Falafel and dates, representing Israel
  • Hungarian Pepper, representing Hungary
  • Olives and stuffed wine leaves, representing Greece
  • Mediterranean Baguettes, representing all Mediterranean countries
  • Stuffed pepper, representing Turkey
  • Swiss cheese, representing Switzerland

Hmmmmm, can’t wait to start (and I know who’s stomachs will we acing by tomorrow!)

Anyone else watching the Song Contest tonight? I’d love to hear your ideas about how to celebrate it Smiley!

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