Art on a budget: free Jazz performance in Stuttgart

Enjoying art can become quite expensive, especially in a city like Stuttgart where you could visit a different stage nearly every day. But last week, I found a great way to satisfy my craving for concerts and other performances without spending anything: The State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart offers a wide range of cultural events, mainly concerts, where the students practice to perform in front of an audience. Last Wednesday, they offered an “Introduction to Jazz” and as my whole family likes Jazz music, I went with my mum and dad.

Alexander ‘Sandi’ Kuhn led through the evening.

With the help of a PowerPoint-Presentation he explained why every Jazz concert is different, why improvisation is an crucial element of Jazz and how a piece of Jazz music is constructed. And with the help of Prof. Rainer Tempel on the  Piano, Eckhard Stromer on the drums and Nico Amrehm, playing the bass, he supported his presentation with examples.

Man, is he great with the saxophone!

It was an awesome performance in a very cozy and personal atmosphere.

I’ve listened to Jazz from a very young age as my dad just loves this kind of music. And growing up with it, I was always weak for Jazz, too, but I never quite understood it. Thanks to Sandy, a door to this music opened for me, last Wednesday – and I’ll definitely be back for more!

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