Expat Interview with James from liveworkgermany.com

Hi guys! I did another interview with an interesting expat: James moved from England to Germany in 2006. He has started the blog liveworkgermany.com recently, where he shares tips for other expats – from “How to apply for a job in Germany?” via “How does public transport work?” to “Finding an appartment”. Even though James doesn’t live in Stuttgart but in Wiesbaden I wanted to do an Expat Interview with him because I am sure that you guys will find his experiences quite interesting and helpful. So let’s meet James! 

Meet James, a British expat who moved to Germany in 2006.

Picture credit: liveworkgermany.com

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Things to do in August

Hi guys! Are you enjoying this summer so far? I definitely am 🙂 I hardly find time for blogging with all those great outdoor festivals and events we had going on here in Stuttgart in July. And August also looks like a great month! Check out my favorite things to do in August!


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Things to do this July

Hi guys! July is one of my favorite months. Why? Because of all the outdoor festivals and events! Check out my favorite things to do this July!

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