Bärenschlössle Stuttgart – the cute litte castle in Stuttgart-West

Hi guys! If you live in Stuttgart for a while already you know that we have some very nice castles: Altes Schloss, Neues Schloss, Schloss Solitude… But have you ever heard of Bärenschlössle Stuttgart (bear castle)?! If not, you should definitely check it out!

Bärenschlössle Stuttgart - the perfect place for a getaway within the city boarders

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An adventurous hike near Stuttgart

Hi guys! You’re looking for an adventurous hike near Stuttgart? Then I know the perfect place for you! This hike includes slippery trails, some rock and roots scrambling and it leads to the Hörschbachfalle, two beautiful waterfalls next to Murrhardt.

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Did you know we have a waterfall in Stuttgart?!

Hi guys! Summer is supposed to come back to Stuttgart next week. Jippy! If you want to escape the heat for a while you could visit a waterfall in Stuttgart. Yep, you read correctly, we do have a waterfall within the city boarders, the Heslacher Wasserfälle. Find out how you can get there!

waterfall in stuttgart title

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Schönbuch Nature Park–always a good destination for a short Sunday afternoon trip out of the city

Hi guys! Sometimes, I do nothing but working on my to-do-list on weekends. On the one hand, I feel good afterwards because the house is clean, all groceries for the week are in the fridge, all bills paid and the latest blog post finished. But on the other hand, I want to rewind on weekends. I want to go out, stretch my legs, get some fresh air and a fresh head. When there is not much time left for this on a Sunday afternoon but I feel the urge of going out into nature, I drive to Schönbuch Nature Park. It’s only half an hour away from Stuttgart by car. With more time at hand, it is a great destination for longer hikes, for example from Bebenhausen to a royal hunting cabin or from Waldenbuch to Lake Schönbuch. But with only one or two hours, it is nice to just stroll around and try new paths. And that’s exactly what Moritz and I did last weekend.

We parked our car at the sports ground of Altdorf and had a look at the map.


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Bike trip along the Neckar to Marbach

Hi guys! I sometimes forget hat Stuttgart is a city with a river. As the Neckar does not run through the center, it was out of my view most of the time. As Moritz and I have moved from the south of Stuttgart to the north lately, that has changed. During the last few weeks, I have discovered a whole new face of Stuttgart. Today, we seized the day and the perfect weather for a bike trip along the Neckar to Marbach.

A bike trip along the Neckar to Marbach

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