A fun weekend at Vierwaldstättersee in Switzerland

Hi guys! One of the great things about Stuttgart is that it is located close to a number of awesome destinations for a weekend trip. Two weeks ago, my American friend Anne was visiting Europe and we had decided to meet in Switzerland for an extended weekend. So on Friday afternoon, I took off for Vierwaldstättersee in Switzerland.


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A weekend full of fear and fun – climbing class in Blaubeuren

“You must always push the limits. Because if you never fail, you will never succeed.” Unknown author

I’m horribly afraid of heights. Sometimes, looking out of an elevator or down a bridge is too much. But this fear also annoys me. So when my friends decided to take a climbing class for beginners, I decided this would be a good occasion to face this fear.


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Finding paradise – in Baiersbronn…

Hi guys! I’ve found it! Finally. Heaven on earth – or, to be more precise – heaven in Baiersbronn. “In where??” you might ask now. Well, Baiersbronn is a little village in the Black Forrest (Schwarzwald), about 1.5 hours away from Stuttgart by car. And there lies the most awesome spa and wellness hotel in the whole wide world: Romantik Hotel Sackmann.

Romantik Hotel Sackmann Baiersbronn

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Weekend getaway to Prague – the “Golden City” (part I)

Hi guys! Thank god, this grey February is finally over! As I told you, I just don’t like this horrible month. So Moritz had the great idea to invite me to one of my most favourite cities in the world for the last weekend in February: to Prague!

Prague Charles Bridge

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A relaxing getaway to Bad Wörishofen

Hi guys! I never told you, but now it’s time that you know: I hate February. It’s true. I just hate this grey, cold month. Not that February has ever done anything to me, no. It’s just the way he is, his appearance, I just can’t stand him at all. Sorry February, I know, I am unfair. But that’s how it is. In order to make the most of this horrible month, Moritz and I have decided to go on a few weekend trips. So last weekend we said our goodbyes to Stuttgart on friday evening and hopped into our car in order to drive to Bad Wörishofen in the Allgäu.

The pedestrian zone in Bad Wörishofen

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