Exploring the medieval cellars of Kessler Sekt sparkling wine in Esslingen

Hi guys! Do you like sparkling wine? If you do, you might be delighted to hear that the oldest German producer of sparkling wine is located in Esslingen and thus only 30 minutes away from Stuttgart: Kessler Sekt sparkling wine!

Kessler Sekt sparkling wine in Esslingen

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Selling all kind of stuff on a flea market in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Hi guys! Do you guys know this feeling? When it’s spring, you want to clean the house and get rid of all the old stuff you have collected during the last months (or years…). That’s exactly how I felt the last few weeks. But what can you do with all the things you find in your basement/under your bed/in the dark corner of your closet? Right: sell it at a flea market in Stuttgart-Vaihingen! And that’s what I did last weekend.

The flea market in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

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