A guide to celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany

Hi guys! You might have heard about the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) already and that it is a biiiig thing in Germany. If you want to understand this event and get the most fun out of it as possible on May 13, too, you should check out my little guide about celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany in today’s post!

picture guide to celebrating the eurovision song contest in germany

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 tonight!

Hi guys! The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is on tonight!! Yay!! Moritz and I are huge fans of the event but I know that some of you wonder why half of good old Europe is crazy about it. That made me think about it, too and I came up with 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson tonight!

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Visiting the Christmas market 2014 in Stuttgart

Hi guys! Chrismas is coming! Today after work I visited the Christmas market 2014 (Weihnachstmarkt) which had opened its gates just before. We started our tour at Schlossplatz. Look at this beautiful Christmas tree. It is located right in front of Königsbau.

Christmas market 2014

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Preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Hi guys! I admit it: Moritz and I love to watch the Eurovision Song Contest Smiley. A few years ago, we started our own little tradition: For dinner, we try to get as many food from participating countries (or countries that could have participated) as we can find and enjoy a very European buffet.

So here’s what we found this year:


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What the heck is a Christmas pickle?

Howdy everybody! I want to use this beautiful sunny Christmas day (yes, the sun is shining brightly in Stuttgart!) to clean up with a prejudice about German Christmas traditions: We might be a little bit strange, celebrating on the 24th and calling sausages with mashed potatoes a feast, however, WE DO NOT put Christmas pickles into our Christmas trees!!  😀

So, that's hat Christmas pickles look like...?!

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