An adventurous hike near Stuttgart

Hi guys! You’re looking for an adventurous hike near Stuttgart? Then I know the perfect place for you! This hike includes slippery trails, some rock and roots scrambling and it leads to the Hörschbachfalle, two beautiful waterfalls next to Murrhardt.

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Schönbuch Nature Park–always a good destination for a short Sunday afternoon trip out of the city

Hi guys,

sometimes, I do nothing but working on my to-do-list on weekends. On the one hand, I feel good afterwards because the house is clean, all groceries for the week are in the fridge, all bills paid and the latest blog post finished. But on the other hand, I want to rewind on weekends. I want to go out, stretch my legs, get some fresh air and a fresh head. When there is not much time left for this on a Sunday afternoon but I feel the urge of going out into nature, I drive to Schönbuch Nature Park. It’s only half an hour away from Stuttgart by car. With more time at hand, it is a great destination for longer hikes, for example from Bebenhausen to a royal hunting cabin or from Waldenbuch to Lake Schönbuch. But with only one or two hours, it is nice to just stroll around and try new paths. And that’s exactly what Moritz and I did last weekend.

We parked our car at the sports ground of Altdorf and had a look at the map.


We decided to hike to a tree called Gabeleiche (Fork oak tree). It was a nice and easy stroll through the forest.



Tatatataaaa, the Gabeleiche:



We followed the way for a little longer, had a look at some yellow moss on old trees…

… passed a picnic area with an open air bbq…


…until we reached an open field.

There we turned around and walked back. It was quite a small stroll, I think we were hiking for 1.5 hours only but it was nice to be outside and get some fresh air. Next time however, we will bring more time so that we can explore even more of this lovely area.

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Schönbuch on Wikipedia

Take a break from city life

If you need a little break from the city, I know just the perfect hideaway spot: The Eselsmühle (Donkey Mill) in Musberg!

This is truly a wonderful place, especially for families. The mill has existed for more than 600 years. It has provided food for the people in the area ever since. Today, the Eselsmühle still follows the principles of locally produced, sustainable groceries.

When you follow the street that leads from the parking area to the mill, you will be greeted by some of the furry inhabitants: sheep, goats or – as the name of the mill suggests – donkeys.

Eselsmuehle 2

They have a wonderful café with homemade cakes! I can’t even tell you which one my favorite is because all of them are soooo gooood! Smiley

Eselsmuehle 7

At Eselsmühle, even the calories are in ecstasy (that’s what’s written on the plate Smiley). I love to sit outside in the summer…

Eselsmuehle 4 Eselsmuehle 6

…but they also have a very cozy café inside which I prefer in the colder months:

Eselsmuehle 5

Next to the café there is the shop. They sell cute home deco stuff and organic groceries like vegetables, homemade bread, cheese and much more.

Eselsmuehle 9 Eselsmuehle 10

Eselsmuehle 11 Eselsmuehle 12

Plus, there is a small museum that exhibits stones and fossils.

Eselsmuehle 13

Time seems to stand still at Eselsmühle. I went there recently with my godchild and for little kids, the animals are a highlight!

DSC01650 Eselsmuehle 3

This is truly one of my favorite hideaway destinations!

More information about:

Eselsmühle (only in German)


Cycling along the Neckar to Marbach

I sometimes keep forgetting that Stuttgart is a city with a river. As the Neckar does not run through the center, it was out of my view most of the time. As Moritz and I have moved from the south of Stuttgart to the north lately, that has changed. During the last few weeks, I discovered a whole new face of Stuttgart. Today, we seized the day and the perfect weather for a bike trip to Marbach – of course along the Neckar.

We started at Max-Eyth-See, a beautiful place by itself, I will write a post about it very soon, too.


There is a bike path next to the Neckar which we followed all the time. It is very well maintained, flat and thus easy to drive on. After 12 km we stopped at Zugwiesen, close to Ludwigsburg.This is a renaturation project next to the Neckar and a lovely place for a break or picnic.

Neckar bike cycling

Neckar 1


Neckar 4 Zugwiesen

They have a tower from where you have a lovely view.

Neckar 7 Zugwiesen

Neckar 8 Zugwiesen

Plus, you can observe animals…

Neckar 3

Nekar 9 Zugwiesen

We rode on, had a little race duel with a freighter…

Neckar 10

… and won Smiley, came into a traffic jam…

Neckar 15

…and had to wait till the whole duck family had made it to the other side… and passed some lovely vineyards:

Neckar 17

Neckar 16

After around 1.5 hours we crossed the Neckar and arrived at Marbach.

Neckar 18

Right next to the bridge is a lovely beer garden, the Bootshaus Marbach. That’s where we had lunch Smiley

IMG_1945 IMG_1934


We turned around and cycled back to Max-Eyth-See.

What a lovely tour! Easy, with beautiful scenery and along a river. One of my new favorite weekend trips.

Have you explored the Neckar in or around Stuttgart already? What is your favorite place or trip?

US-Car Meeting 2015 right outside of Stuttgart

Are you into cars and country music? Then the 8. US-Car Meeting at the beer garden “Schwabengarten” is your thing.


They have all sort of flashy cars there…




My favorite one was “Rosalie the witch” Smiley:



She even had her own Jack Daniels bar…


And then we met two of my childhood idols (before you judge me, remember: I’m German Zwinkerndes Smiley):


and the one and only Michael Knight aka David – I brought the Berlin wall down – Hasselhoff:


Smiley mit herausgestreckter Zunge

Next to the cars they have several stands, too, where you can browse for all kind of fun stuff – for example those clocks:


The US-Cars Meeting is still on on Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm. But even if you like cars, you should consider hopping on a train as the parking is limited (don’t worry, the Schwabengarten is next to the U-Bahn and S-Bahn station “Leinfelden”).

More information about:

8. US-Cars Meeting (only in German)