Translation services for expats – offered by lingoking

When you move to a new country you often need to get some of your documents translated. That’s why I teamed up with, a website that offers web-based translation services for fair prices. [post with affiliate links]

You’re moving to Stuttgart and need a translation of your birth certificate or your driver’s licence? Or you’re planning to apply for a job in Stuttgart and need to get your cover letter, your C.V. and your degree translated? For all these services and more you can turn to lingoking, a webbased translation agency founded in 2010 in Munich. Their goal is to provide high quality translation services for transparent, fixed rates that can be ordered easily via their website.

Translation services for your birth certificate

A birth certificate is used all over the world to record the birth of a new baby. As an adult you need your birth certificate if you want to get married in Germany for example. Your birth certificate is one of the most important documents you can possess, so if you require a translation, it is vital to have it translated properly.

Translation services for application documents

A flawless application is crucial when you apply for a new job. After all, your covering letter, CV, degree certificates and references come together to form your personal business card, which is the first step towards your professional future in Stuttgart. If you want to avoid risking unnecessary mistakes in your application, or you need your documents translated ASAP to make an application deadline, you might want to get your application documents translated by a professional translator. It doesn’t matter if you just need a covering letter or your entire professional portfolio translated: lingoking has professional and accredited translators in over 80 language combinations that are there to assist you.

The translation services offered by lingoking

lingoking can translate your application documents or certificates no matter where on the globe you are located at the moment.  You simply book your translation services online. Therefore lingoking offers a price calculator tool: You enter the number of pages you want to get translated, the source language and the target language in order to calculate the price. Moreover you can choose if you want an additional quality check and additional proofreading. The final translation will be sent to you via email immediately upon its completion. And if you’re in a hurry: lingoking also offers an express translation service.

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