Donating cloths in Stuttgart for a good cause

Hi guys! Do you sometimes stand in front of your wardrobe and wonder where this mass of cloths comes from? If you want to do some clearing up but your old cloths are too good for the trash bin, I know the perfect place where you can donate them for a good cause.

picture donating cloths in stuttgart

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Bärenschlössle Stuttgart – the cute litte castle in Stuttgart-West

Hi guys! If you live in Stuttgart for a while already you know that we have some very nice castles: Altes Schloss, Neues Schloss, Schloss Solitude… But have you ever heard of Bärenschlössle Stuttgart (bear castle)?! If not, you should definitely check it out!

Bärenschlössle Stuttgart - the perfect place for a getaway within the city boarders

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Why I fell in love with tiny Misch Misch coffee shop

Hi guys! Do you know this feeling: You step into a bar/restaurant/shop and you like it instantly that much that you think “If I ever open a bar/restaurant/shop, that’s how it should look like!” I had exactly this feeling when I stepped into Misch Misch coffee shop the first time.

Misch Misch coffee shop in the south of Stuttgart

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