Stuttgart city center tour for you and your visitors

Hi guys! Even though “living in Stuttgart” isn’t a blog for tourists but for you guys who live in this beautiful city already, I thought a post about a half-day-trip through the city center of Stuttgart might come in handy when friends and family come visiting you. So here are my personal highlights, all combined in one fun Stuttgart city center walking tour.

Stuttgart city center walking tour

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Expat Interview with Christian from The English Tearoom

Hi guys! In today’s Expat Interview Christian from The English Tearoom shares his experiences with us. He and his wife Lynn moved from London via Greece to Stuttgart thirteen years ago. In the interview he tells us what he loves about our city, how he managed to learn German and why he won’t be an expat for much longer!

picture expat interview with christian from the english tearoom

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A guide to celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany

Hi guys! You might have heard about the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) already and that it is a biiiig thing in Germany. If you want to understand this event and get the most fun out of it as possible on May 13, too, you should check out my little guide about celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany in today’s post!

picture guide to celebrating the eurovision song contest in germany

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