Things to do in Stuttgart in January

 Hi guys! It’s 2017! Wohooo! I have to admit that I am very glad that old 2016 is finally over. Wasn’t the best year in history, was it? Anyway, a new year means a fresh start and we have the chance to make 2017 the most wonderful, peaceful and successful year ever. Shall we? So far, 2017 is already looking pretty good to me, with all the fun and interesting things to do in Stuttgart in January! Let me show you my personal highlights…

  • The Weltweihnachtszirkus (Word Christmas Circus) is still in town. Until January 8 you can enjoy the spectacular show at  Cannstatter Wasen. Things to do in Stuttgart in January: WeltweihnachtszirkusPicture Credit: Weltweihnachtszirkus 
  • You might remember going to a planetarium as a kid and watching some scientific shows about the creating of black holes and such. But have you ever experienced a DJ, accompanied by visuals, laser and a 360° fulldome-video-show in a planetarium? Definitely something worth seeing! Every first Tuesday of the month Tunesday is on at the planetarium behind the main station. The next show will be featuring DJ Pierre Remy on January 3, starting at 8 pm.
  • For me, January has always been the month of ice skating. So dedust your skates and bring them to Eiswelt Stuttgart at Waldau on January 4 and dance/skate the evening away at the ice disco Music Shop. From 8 to 10 pm music from the 80s, 90s and the current charts will be played. If you’re not free January 4, don’t worry, Music Shop is on every Wednesday plus there are two another ice discos: every Friday from 8 to 10 pm it’s “MusicDeLuxe”-time and every Sunday from 5 to 9:30 “DiscoOnIce”.
  • On January 5 South-American party fever meets Italian music at the club Perkins Park. Notte Magica starts at 9 pm, the first 200 guests will get a welcome drink on the house.
  • More ice skating: On January 5, the Moscow Circus on Ice is visiting Stuttgart. This is the first circus on skates and it enchants children and adults since 1964! The show starts at 3 pm at Liederhalle.
  • Listen to texts from various authors on January 9 at Kulturzentrum Merlin. The members of “Writers in Stuttgart”, a creative collective that is part of the New English American Theatre (NEAT), will take the audience on a literary voyage named Secrets from the Writer’s Den.
  • If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to improve your German , you can participate in Spielend Deutsch lernen at Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart on January 10. Supported by educational games you will improve your vocabulary and grammar skills without even noticing it. The fun starts at 4 pm.
  • Have you planned your holidays for 2017 yet? If you’re still in need for some inspiration, you should check out the world’s largest public trade fair for touristic and leisure CMT at Messe Stuttgart. I personally loooove this fair and I always carry tons of brochures and billions of ideas back home with me 🙂 The fair is on from January 14 to 22 and there will be several special topics promoted within this time like biking and hiking holidays or cruises. If you want to get an idea of what will await you at CMT, you can check out my posts about my visits in 2014 and 2013.
  • If you want to know what new bands from Stuttgart sound like, visit Musikladen at the club Zwölfzehn on January 17.
  • Intercultural understanding on the dance floor: On January 21 the Ball der Nationen (ball of nations) will be celebrated at Liederhalle. Here you can meet people from various countries, try international food and listen – and of course dance – to music from all around the world. A truly unique experience!
  • Didn’t I say January is all about ice skating? 😉 From January 26 to 29 Holiday on Ice will perform at Porsche-Arena. Their new show “Time” highlights all the special moments we encounter during our lives: the first kiss, a dream holiday, a fun night out with good friends and such.
  • January 26 brings another great show back to Stuttgart: The musical Tanz der Vampire (dance of the vampires). I love, love, LOVE this musical. It has been in Stuttgart twice already and I’ve seen it nearly ten times (yep, I officially addicted :-)) Even though it is in German I think you can still enjoy it a lot if you don’t speak the language. The music is great and you will get the story through the performance on stage anyway. Here’s what it is about in a nutshell: Prof. Abronsius and his assistant Alfred visit a small town somewhere in the Carpathians where they hope to find vampires. Alfred falls in love with the innkeeper’s daughter Sarah who in turn is fascinated by a stranger who visits her while she’s taking a bath and promises her eternity. Well, guess who that guy might be? Right, vampire Count Krolok. She leaves for his castle where a ball is supposed to take place. Alfred and Prof. Abronsius follow her to rescue her (Alfred’s goal) and find out all about the identity of this mysterious Count (Prof. Ambrosius’ goal ). Have I already mentioned that I LOVE this musical?? 😛 Picture credit: Stage Entertainment
  • Your toaster is broken? Your new trousers are too long? The toy car has lost a wheel? Don’t throw away broken stuff, bring it to the Repair Café at EKiZ Stuttgart on January 28. Experts will help you fix it or repair it for you.

Those are my favorite things to do in Stuttgart in January. What are you looking forward? And have I missed something you might want to share? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for sharing all these ideas and things to do. I also love ice skating and playing ice hockey. Don’t forget about the rink in Wernau where they also have events going on. I am looking forward to reading more.

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