Stuttgarter Teehaus – a beer garden with a view

Hi guys! As the city center of Stuttgart is located in a valley, there are many great lookouts on the hills that are surrounding it. Today I would like to point out a very special lookout to you: the Stuttgarter Teehaus.

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The Stuttgarter Teehaus im Weißenburgpark is a beer garden with a beautiful view over Stuttgart. It is located in the south of the city center, next to the Weinsteige and underneath the TV tower. It was built in 1913 by Dr. Ernst von Sieglin. Sieglin was a factory owner. He gave the pavilion as a present to his wife so she had a place where she could meet friends for tea – hence the name “Teehaus” (tea house). He himself wished for a tennis court. As the Teehaus was located on a steep hillside, a subconstruction was needed to hold the tennis court. The idea of the “Marmorsaal” (marble hall) was born. Nowadays this beautiful hall can be booked for special occasions like weddings.

The pavilion itself serves as the bar and kitchen for the beer garden.

Stuttgarter Teehaus

So unfortunately you can’t sit inside the Teehaus and only order your food and drinks there. But that gives you enough time to peek up to the beautiful paintings on the ceiling:

Stuttgarter Teehaus

But sitting outside is just as fine:

Stuttgarter Teehaus

When you had a refreshment in the beer garden, you can climb up a few stairs to the viewing platform. From here you have a great view over Stuttgart:

Stuttgarter Teehaus

Stuttgarter Teehaus

You can reach the Teehaus from the U-Bahn station Bopser. Here you climb up Hohenheimerstraße and follow the signs.

Stuttgarter Teehaus

It is quite a climb up there, that can’t be denied. At first you will reach the entrance to the Marmorsaal

Stuttgarter Teehaus

…before you can spot the pavilion on top of the hill.

Stuttgarter Teehaus

But believe me, the view is well worth the climb! 🙂

Where is your most favorite lookout located in Stuttgart? Or you favorite beer garden?? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Stuttgarter Teehaus – a beer garden with a view

  1. Hallo Melli
    Heute sind wir vom Neckar Park über den Frauenkopf zum Teehaus gewandert. Es war noch geschlossen, aber die Aussicht war herrlich. Super Tipp. Wir sind dann noch durch die Stadt und auf den Turm des HBF.
    Gruß von Dieter und Andrea

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