L.A. Signorina – extraordinary pizza in Stuttgart at Marienplatz

Hi guys! If you are a pizza-enthusiast who is always looking for something new and special, you should check out L.A. Signorina at Marienplatz! Some say they serve the best pizza in Stuttgart…

L.A. Signorina - where you find extremely yummy pizza in Stuttgart

Don’t be fooled by the short menu. At L.A. Signorina it’s quality and not quantity that matters. They might only offer a small selection of pizzas (and no pasta, by the way!) but the ones they offer are truly extraordinary. Ever tried avocado on a pizza? Or a white topping? Well, I didn’t until I visited L.A. Signorina this week!

L.A. Signorina
So here is what my friends Rachel (from rachelsanghee.com), Meredith (from www.kaffeeundkuchen.co/ and I indulged in:

The FOUNTAIN: crème fraîche, chicory, roquefort cheese, walnuts and peppercress:

L.A. Signorina

The TRAVI: tomato sauce, fior di latte, bresaola, colorful carrots and parsley:

L.A. Signorina

And the PRIVATO D ́AMORE L.: tomato sauce, crawfish, avocado and grapefruit oil:

L.A. Signorina

The menu changes four times a year so you will always find new seasonal toppings. But I’m not sure if I can wait until summer before I come back for more…! So guys, if you’re looking for extremely yummy and somewhat special pizza in Stuttgart, L.A. Signorina is your new favorite restaurant.

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