Fun events in October

Bye-bye summer, hello October! Here are some fun events, that will make your October awesome:

stuttgartnacht 2013, Shuttle-Bus

Picture credit: Stuttgartnacht

  • The future is coming back on the 21st! That’s the day when Marty McFly from “Back to the Future” arrives in the year 2015. Several cinemas are hosting a special night on that day. The Corso in Stuttgart-Vaihingen for example organizes a triple feature, showing the original English versions.
  • It’s ”Besen”-time again! A “Besenwirtschaft” is a little restaurant or pub, run by local winegrowers that is only open during a certain time of the year. They sell their own wines and a small selection of local food. As Stuttgart is a winegrowing area, we have quite a few Besen (Fun Fact: The name Besen, or Besenwirtschaft, stems from the broom the pub owners put in front of their doors to show that they are open! Smiley) Some of my favorite Besen include Besen 66 in Stuttgart-Degerloch, Citybesen Stuttgart in the city center and Besenwirtschaft Glock in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt.
  • On the 24th and 25th you can shop like a hero. The “Heldenmarkt” in Stuttgart-Feuerbach offers all sorts of sustainable products: food, cosmetics, cloths, even holiday deals and financial services!
  • If you can’t wait for winter to come, why not visit the Ice World (“Eiswelt”) in Stuttgart-Degerloch? The ice skating rink opens its gates again on the 9th of October. An “Ice Disco “ is held every Sunday from 5 to 10 pm.
  • And of course the Cannstatter Wasen is still on ! So if you haven’t been to the world best fun fair, you still have the chance to do so until it closes its gates on the 11th of October.


So these are my personal highlights for October. Let me know if I have forgotten something you find particularly awesome. Have a fun October!! Smiley

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