Exploring the Yukon Territory

Hello guys and welcome to my second and final article about our amazing trip to the great north. If you haven’t read the first post about Alaska, you might want to check this one out first:

Exploring Alaska

After we had crossed the border in the middle of the Top of the World Highway, we had left Alaska and entered the Yukon Territory of Canada.


We spent the next hours on the Top of the World Highway, driving to Dawson City.

top of the world highway 1

top of the world highway 3

Dawson City was the center of the Klondike gold rush that began in 1896. And when wandering it’s streets today, you can still feel thrown back to these days, thanks to all the houses and their appearance of 19th-Century construction.

dawson city 5

dawson city 1 dawson city 2

dawson city 4

dawson city 6

But of course, Dawson City is very touristy and after roaming the old streets for an hour or so, we hit the road again…

go north camper 2

Have I introduced you guys to our fantastic camper already? NO? Than it’s about time. Say Hi to Sirus, our truck camper. We hired him from Go North, one of the few companies that allows one way car rentals between the US and Canada.  Even though Sirus might look small at first sight, he had enough space inside for a small kitchen, a bed, a table and even a bathroom.

go nort h camper inside 2 go north camper inside 1

go north camper

OK, back to the road trip: We checked out the world famous Dempster Highway for a bit…


…and met these guys Smiley

yukon bears

yukon territory bear

So beautiful. Luckily we were in the car when they showed up.

Our next stop were the Five Finger Rapids

five finger rapids 1

… a rock formation in the Yukon river that brought down the one ore other steam wheeler in older days. And yes, you have to climb down a lot of stairs to get a closer look at them (but believe me, going down isn’t the hard part of this short walk… Zwinkerndes Smiley)

five finger rapids 2 five finger rapids 3

This night we stayed at the campground with the most beautiful view:


Our next destination was Haines Junction, the gateway to Kluane National Park. After we arrived at the campground, we did the Dezadeash River Loop trail and got rewarded with some very nice views…



I have to admit, this was the first hike on which I took bear spray with me. Too many people had told me about bear sightings in the last days and I didn’t feel comfortable on our hikes anymore. It got a bit better with the spray…


On the next day, we drove into Kluane National Park. It was a bit cloudy but the view was still stunning.


We had just entered the park when we met this grizzly next to the road. He was just walking along and couldn’t be bothered by the cars that passed him.


We drove on, went to the visitor center and got some information about the trails and decided to start with the short “Trail of ‘42” that follows the old Alaska Highway.

The hike itself was nothing special but we had a nice view of Kluane Lake:


But when we came back to where we had parked our car, we met an old friend again…


The Grizzly we had seen two hours ago had made his way to the trailhead. He didn’t care for us at all and we were in the car before he made it up to us anyway. But I can tell you, this was an experience I won’t forget. After this, I held on to my bear spray even closer Smiley

We decided to do the Sheep Creek Trail next, a quite steep trail with beautiful views.



We were quite exhausted when we came back so  we skipped more hiking and checked out the ghost town Silver City instead:

P1120116 P1120080

P1120081 P1120114

Cool, right Smiley

On the next day, we did one more hike before we hit the road again: The Trail to St. Elias Lake.

P1120196 P1120202


P1120223 P1120216


Yep, a very nice hike, too.

We left Kluane National Park in order to check out another wonder of nature: Carcross Desert.

Seriously, would you expect a desert in the Yukon Territory?? I didn’t. But it exists…



But don’t get fooled by the pictures, it was colder than any other desert I know…


We finally arrived at Whitehorse where we stayed the last three days. The town itself isn’t that interesting but there are some nice trails around. We did the 3 km Wolf Creek Trail first. It offers nice views of the Yukon plus some magical inhabitants of the forest… Smiley


P1120395 P1120396

Too cute! As the flower outfit was missing, I guess the the fairy liked it.

But the trail we liked most was the 15 km Yukon River Loop. You can start this hike in Whitehorse and follow the Yukon until you reach Miles Canyon. There, you cross a hanging bridge and hike back to Whitehorse. This trail is quite steep at some points but totally worth doing!

P1120433 P1120455


P1120475 P1120476


P1120479 P1120493

It was hard coming back to reality after we had travelled two weeks through the huge wilderness of Alaska and Yukon. What a place! So lonely, so huge, so beautiful!

I have to admit, I liked Alaska a bit better than Yukon just because of the mountains. If I do this tour again one day, I would do it the other way around: start in Whitehorse and drive to Anchorage. Like this, you save the most stunning part, the Denali National Park and Mount McKinley, for the end.

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