Sunny lunch break at “Weltcafe”

Hi guys! here are you enjoying the sun these days? I found a new, sunny place for my lunch breaks: Weltcafe in the Planie building, next to the U-Bahn station Charlottenplatz.

Weltcafe in Stuttgart

It is next to the “Welcome Center” which might interest those of you, too, that have moved to Stuttgart recently and would need some support here and there. They have a migration advisory service, a job center, a youth and family counseling center and more. But back Weltcafe Smiley.

You can sit inside, on colorful chairs, underneath the colorful ceiling…


or outside, in the backyard. And that’s exactly the place my friend and I chose!


It’s really nice there, very quiet and – depending on the weather of course – sunny.

When it comes to the food front, mind that the selection at Weltcafe is not too big. They offer some different kinds of Quiche Lorraine, soups and other smaller snacks. And cakes! I tried a vegetarian quiche…


…which was a bit small but very nice. In the end , I didn’t mind the size because it was a great excuse to try their brownies! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund


Yep, very nice, too. And after this one, I was definitely not hungry anymore! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund

Weltcafe is open from 10 am to 10 pm, apart from Sundays where they close at 8 pm. And they are closes completely on Wednesdays.

Morever, I just found out that they organize special events from time to time, too. I think I have to come back in the evening again!

More information about:

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