Meet a very romantic Cafés in the heart of Stuttgart

Stuttgart has some very nice Cafés. One of my favorite ones it “Grand Café Planie” at Karlsplatz, next to the Old and the New Castle.



The building has a special flair about it. It used to be barracks for riders in its earlier days, than an orphanage, a bank… The appearance it has today stems form the late 20th century. Inside, it looks quite romantic with its dark cherry tree furniture, and when you sit on the terrace in summer, you feel like somewhere in Italy. But the main reason I love to go there: their cakes!



They have a huge selection of cakes. Sooooo good! Last time I went there, I had this beauty.


Soooooooooooooo good! Smiley

I also tried their matcha latte for the first time.


I can’t wait for spring to arrive to be able to sit outside in the sun again while enjoying one of their cakes Smiley

What is your favorite Café in Stuttgart? And have you been to Grand Café Planie before? Let me know! Smiley

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