Cruising the Eastern Caribbean

Ahoy guys and welcome to my post about our cruise through the Eastern Caribbean. As mentioned in the last article, Moritz and I have spent two weeks on the cruise ship Carnival Splendor. In our first week, we visited the Eastern Caribbean. To be more precise: The Bahamas (Nassau), St. Thomas, Puerto Rico (San Juan) and Grand Turk. We were accompanied by or friends Anne (from and Matt.

I have to admit that our first stop in Nassau wasn’t that great. In my opinion, Nassau itself hasn’t much to offer and is only interesting when you’re into diamond or duty free shopping… So we only strolled through the main street..

1 Nassau 1

…and visited the town hall:

1 Nassau 2 1 Nassau 3

Our second stop was St. Thomas. We loved everything about this place. The beautiful harbor we sailed into…

2 St Thomas 1

2 St Thomas 2

…and the kayak and snorkel tour we participated in.



We would have loved to stay longer, St. Thomas seemd to be a beautiful island.

But off we cruised, next destination: Puerto Rico and San Juan.

San Juan is such a charming old city.

3 St Juan 9

3 St Juan 2

I loved the colorful houses and narrow streets. And then of course there is the fort: El Morro

3 St Juan 6

3 St Juan 7

3 St Juan 3

We had a great time walking around old San Juan, up to the fort and than down to the water, along the old city wall.

3 St Juan 8

Yep, San Juan is definitely another destination I would love to come back to one day.

Our final stop on our cruise through the Eastern Caribbean was Grand Turk. And what do you do in Grand Turk? You head down to the beach! Smiley And that’s exactly what we (and 2996 other people) did.

4 Grand Turk 1

4 Grand Turk 6 4 Grand Turk 7

Grand Turk is also famous for the large sea shells, the conchs, which you find on the shore. Pretty amazing.

4 Grand Turk 5

We spent a very relaxing day in Grand Turk and enjoyed every minute.


Yep, we loved it there.

In the  evening we watched an epic sunset. Soooo beautiful.

4 Grand Turk 8

4 Grand Turk 10

So this was the first week of our cruise. Unfortunately, Anne and Matt had to leave us then. Trauriges Smiley Buuuuuuuuh!

We had such an awesome time together. Thank you guys for joining us! Can’t wait for our next vacation together and more hijinx! Smiley


Stay tuned for the second part of our cruise which led us to the Western Caribbean and to Mexico, Honduras and Grand Cayman.

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