Everglades National Park

If you like alligators and birds, Everglades National Park is your fun park! Smiley We’ve spent two days there and  saw heaps of them.

Our first day we entered the park from the west and drove down Tamiami Trail (Hwy 41). We stopped at Shark Valley Visitor Center, rented two bikes and did the 15 miles round-trip to the Observation Tower and back.


The Everglades are very flat, so biking on the paved road was super easy.


On the way down to the Observation Tower you will find yourself next to a little stream with lots of gators in it. Sometimes they even hang around on the street. Don’t disturb them and keep your distance than they won’t disturb you either Smiley



We saw A LOT OF alligators hanging around next to the stream. It was awesome.

everglades_shark_valley5.jpg everglades_shark_valley6.jpg


And as the Everglades are a Mekka for bird lovers, we saw lots of birds, too.


The Observation Tower gives you an idea how huge and flat the Everglades are.


But next to the tower, you only find restrooms and a bench there. So make sure you bring enough water and a lunch with you!


And mind where you walk. Moritz and I were chatting when we came back from the tower to the place where we had parked our bikes. Two guys came from the other direction and stared at us and pointed to something right next to me on the ground. When I turned around I saw that we had just passed an alligator with no distance between us at all. Whoooops!



By the way, you can also take a trolley – but biking is soooo much more fun! Smiley


On our second day we drove down to Flamingo in the south of the park and did some of the trails on the way. Only the boardwalks though because as it had rained the night before and as the Everglades are very wet anyway, most of the normal hikes were just not doable…


The boardwalk trails were all very short but still nice. My favorite was right the first one we did: Anhinga Trail. Lots of birds and gators!

everglades_anhinga_trail1.jpg  everglades_anhinga_trail2.jpg


everglades_anhinga_trail5.jpg  everglades_anhinga_trail6.jpg


I also liked Pinelands Trail which led through a green forest at first…


… and through a skeleton forest at the end:


Then there was Mahogany Hammock Trail which displays the two main types of vegetation you find in the park:

A sawgrass river…


…which you bridge via a boardwalk…


…before you enter a lush green island of trees, a tropical hammock:


And finally, I liked the slightly spooky West Lake Trail. At the beginning, the boardwalk leads through a thick and dark mangrove forest…

everglades_west_lake_trail1.jpg everglades_west_lake_trail2.jpg

…then you arrive at the lake…


…where you meet these guys…



…before you enter the mangrove forest again – if the keepers let you… Smiley



And that’s about it – not only about our two days at Everglades National Park but also about our two week road trip through Florida. We are in Miami now and are excited for the second part of our holiday to begin: A two week cruise through the Caribbean! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund Moreover, my friend Anne from fannetasticfood and her husband Matt will accompany us for the first week – yay!! Smiley We’ll be cruising with Carnival Splendor and can’t wait to get on board!

I will take a break from blogging for those two weeks. Anne will write about her experiences in one week, time so make sure to check out her blog for some fun posts about life on sea! Smiley

See you in two weeks guys! And happy new year to all of you! Smiley



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