Key West – home of the sunset

Four days ago, Moritz and I arrived in Miami and drove south. And even more south. And over some bridges. Then some more south. Until we arrived in Key West.

This town is truly very special. You can find the southernmost point of the continental US in Key West…


…from where it is only 90 miles to Cuba. But moreover, don’t be astonished when you see flags flying from windows and houses that state this town belongs to Conch Republic (Yep, Key West declared itself a micronation in 1982 called Conch Republic Smiley)


We stayed at the Best Western Hibiscus Motel next to Duval Street – which was a great choice because we could walk to all the places we wanted to see within a few minutes.

One of them was the house of Ernest Hemingway.


The house was build in 1851 by Asa Tift. Hemmingway moved in here with his family in 1931.



I liked the house very much. The big windows allowed a lot of light in the rooms and it felt nice and cozy inside. This is where Hemingway did his writing by the way:


However, I have to admit, Hemingway was not the only one we were interested in…

We had heard of some very special inhabitants and couldn’t wait to meet them… When we arrived in Hemingway’s bedroom, we were lucky because we saw him lying on the bed… not Ernest of course, but Archibald McLeish:


Archibald is one of the 60 cats that live in the house. All of them are descendants of Snowshoe, Hemingway’s beloved six-toed cat. The extra toe makes them look quite unique. Their paws are just a little bit bigger than those of normal cats – as you can see on this beauty’s feet:


These cats were everywhere and as Moritz and I LOVE cats, we had a great time Smiley.

After we hat petted (nearly) all of the cats, we left Hemingway’s house and walked down Duval street.


Duval Street is a very vivid street with lots of shops and bars and restaurants. You can spend hours (and a little fortune Smiley) here. Either by shopping, drinking, or sticking your money right on the wall… Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund


“Literature” related fun fact: this was Hemingway’s most famous bar:


All this was already worth a visit to Key West and we had really enjoyed our day. But the best was yet to come: the famous Key West sunset!

The best place to observe this spectacle is Mallory Square. Next to the beautiful sunset, you’ll find all sorts of street entertainment there so it can be tough to decide where to look at Smiley.

We met lovely Will Soto who I’ve seen on several travel shows already and who’s performing on Mallory Square for more than 25 years. You could say he’s part of the inventory by now. I loved his show. It’s not even the stunts but the way he interacts with the audience and his good humor that made his performance so unique. So when you visit Key West, make sure you don’t miss him!



And here it comes, THE Key West sunset:


Awesome, right?!

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