Hello from Florida!

Hi guys and hello from Key West! Smiley Moritz and I have escaped the cold and arrived in Florida three days ago. We’ll be traveling the sunshine state and as well parts of the Caribbean within the next few weeks.

But even though it feels like summer here, Christmas is waiting around every corner…



We’ve spent our first two days on the Keys. Driving over these long, giant bridges which are connecting the islands felt weird at the beginning but after a while, you forget that you’re over the ocean and it doesn’t feel much different to driving on a highway…



On our way down to Key West we stopped several times to visit state parks.

One of the most famous parks on the Keys is John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.



Most people visit John Pennekamp in order to go snorkeling or diving as a coral reef lies just outside in the ocean. We had planned on going snorkeling, too. However, it was a bit too cold for us (yeah, I know, we just came from the winter in Europe… anyway… Smiley mit herausgestreckter Zunge) so we changed our plans and tried two of the “hiking trails”.

Well, we didn’t really hike but stroll through the bush and to be honest, we didn’t see much, either.

The Wild Tamarind Trail


and the Grove Trail

keys_john_pennekamp_grove_trail1.jpg  keys_john_pennekamp_grove_trail2.jpg

…didn’t have much to offer so we got through very fast.

We drove on and visited the Bahia Honda State Park. – What a beauty! Smiley




The beaches were gorgeous: The water was shimmering in all shades of blue and a lush green vegetation awaited at the beach.

You can even walk on an old, suspended bridge, next to the bridge that carries the highway, and enjoy the view:




After Bahia Honda, we stopped at the National Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge in order to see some of the few Key Deer.

We hiked here a bit as well…


… and were lucky enough to see some of the endangered deer.


They don’t grow higher that 76 cm and are thus quite small.

But they were not the only wildlife we saw…



These guys were huge! But also very beautiful. I became a big fan of reptiles Smiley!

Stay tuned for Key West – a very relaxed town in the middle of the ocean.


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