Sydney II – about beaches and stupid tourists

If is right, there are 39 beaches in and around Sydney. During our four day stay, we visited 3 or, to be correct, 2.5 of them… (more about the 0,5 later…)

Bondi Beach is maybe Sydney’s most famous beach. It’s very popular among surfers and tourists – but I got the impression that not too many locals come here. If you want to combine a visit to Bondi with a visit to another nice beach, try the Coogee – Bondi Costal Walk. That’s what Moritz, Nadi and I did. Smiley

We started at Coogee Beach…


..and it took us around two hours to walk over to Bondi. This six kilometer long hike offers great views…


…and you pass lovely houses and a few small other beaches:



The strangest part of the walk is definitely when you walk along Waverly Cemetery. What a location for a graveyard?!



Best views in town until eternity, that’s for sure! Zwinkerndes Smiley

We were lucky enough to do this walk while one of the most famous, annual outdoor art events took place: Sculptures by the sea. On the last two kilometers of the track, we passed many sculptures and installations. Some we liked, some… not so much.



And finally, we arrived at Bondi Beach where we watched the surfers and relaxed in the sun.


As Watsons Bay is not too far away from Bondi Beach, we decided to hop on a bus and check out the great view you’ve got from there over to the skyline of Sydney.


Not too bad, right?! Smiley We liked it there a lot (Fun Fact: The famous seafood restaurant Doyles can be found at Watsons Bay – Plus a kiosk, where they sell what I think is the best fish and chips of the southern hemisphere!)


Moritz and I tried to visit one more beach while we stayed in Sydney. Yes, we TRIED. So here’s the embarrasing story:

I wanted to show Moritz also Manly Beach, the most famous beach on the northern part of Sydney. So on our last day in Sydney, we bought a ferry ticket over to Manly and were very excited.



When we arrived, I was actually a bit disappointed. Manly Beach was much bigger in my memories. We made the best of it, had fish and chips at a restaurant on the pier…



… and went for a little walk along the promenade.


However, as Manly Beach was so small, we didn’t stay very long and took a ferry back after one hour.

When we met Nadi in the evening and told her about our day, she said “Oh, you took the ferry over to Manly? So you walked over to the Beach? Of course you did, you didn’t stay at the Manly Cove of course”… “Hmmmm, what do you mean with ‘walked over’” was my slightly disturbed request. Well, that was when we found out that the ferry arrives at Manly COVE, not at Manly BEACH. You have to pass a street and walk over to the other side of the peninsula and THERE you find famous Manly Beach… It’s literally only a one minute walk! Uuuuuups. Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund

Well, something to come back for!

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